Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weaning Wednesdays: Rast results, and sippies

Its been a busy week so far since I've been running out to do my fieldwork the past few days, but I've been enjoying hanging out with Junior J when I'm at home. :)  Anyway, the results for the RAST test we did about two weeks back came out yesterday, and it was good: Negative for Ig E antibodies for peanut, milk and soy... however, the overall Ig E level was slightly elevated, but the PD said not to worry. This just means that the boy doesn't have Ig E mediated allergies to these foods, and we were thinking the raised overall levels may be due to the dog.  So I've started adding small amounts of dairy to my diet, and it seemed like the boy was ok after I ate cheese.  However, he was definitely uncomfortable last night after I ate ice-cream, and woke up a few times, so I guess I still have to take it slow when it comes to re-introducing dairy back.  But I'm so glad that at least I can eat cheese again! :)   

Oh, and I've been wanting to blog about this for awhile, but kept forgetting... I won a pair of Tilty cups in a blog giveaway by another local mummy blogger, Leonny (Thank you again!), and we've been using these cups for awhile.  Junior J has to be spoon-fed fluids during meal-times to make him swallow the food in his mouth, however, we've tried giving him this cup to use on his own.  I must say I really like the design of the cup, as the slanted side really makes drinking from the cup much easier.  No more tilting the cup and the boy until his nose is pointing to the ceiling, in order for him to drain the last portion of his drink!

Also, the spouts are easy to drink from (valve-free to promote dental development), and the cups are BPA, phthalate, PVC and dye free, and made using polypropylene.  Its also an award-winner!  However, my only complaint about the cup would be its lack of a cover for the spout, which makes it a risky business carrying it in the diaper bag lest it topples over... All in all, I would say its worth getting, and its great to use, especially at home!  You can get the cups here, check out their cool Weego bottles too! :)

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