Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: Mothers' love, and its your turn!

Hello!  I'm having a bad case of gastroenteritis from eating a couple of stale cookies (the hubby will tell you I have terrible tastebuds, that can't discern when a cookie has gone off!), so its going to be a short post today.  Plus I thought I'll try something different, by involving you, the reader...  If you are reading this, and have 5 minutes to spare, do leave a comment and share about what you are thankful for, so that everyone else can give thanks along with you!  I always am so glad when I read your comments that give thanks for this or that...  A little gratefulness goes a long way! :)

Here's what I'm thanking God for today:

1. Morning quiet times: I managed to crawl up early this morning, and read my Bible and had a nice simple breakfast before Junior J woke up.  I really treasure these times...

2. A mother's love: Mother's day is approaching, and that reminds me to be thankful for how much love mothers have for their children.  I've realized how much your heart actually grows to fit in the oodles of love you have for your child, and I've seen how it continues even when the children have grown up, through the examples of my mum and MIL (who still worries sometimes about the hubby not combing his very messy hair)... And that love perseveres through tough times, and hangs in there, and hopes. (Speaking of which reminds me... if you have time, pop over to Design Mom, and read Reagan's story about her daughter, Piper Jane.  She also blogs here, and her love for Pip really touches my heart!)

3. The sheer joy and innocence of little children: I look at our Junior J each day and can't help marveling at how such small little things make him laugh... The tummy head-butt, the peekaboos, the farts (yes, now the boy finds farts funny, and I find that funny!).  It takes very little to make them happy, unlike us, the grown-ups, who should know better, but usually seem to need so much more to elicit a smile or a laugh!  No wonder Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them! :)

4. Walks in the park... where we can enjoy God's creation, plus hang out with family and friends. :)

Photo taken by the hubby, at the Children's garden.  
He really was on a roll that day!

5. Friends, who look out for you, keep you in prayer, and even help support you in your various "business" endeavours! :)

What are you thankful for today?


  1. i am thankful for:
    - the extremely diverse but lovely bunch of pple in our DG
    - friends who understand when i need lunch company but not to eat
    - kickstarting a project that i still dread
    - my parents
    - God's assurance that He walks with us even when we turn away
    - ETC! :)

  2. hello mamaJ!
    today i'm thankful for:

    1) a good lunch outside with colleagues, we had ribs and 'gourmet' ice-cream!

    2) i woke up feeling dreadful and teary today, but after a short prayer, i felt better, and following that received wonderful news that TED (of TED Talks, http://ted.com) is coming to Biopolis, and there's a whole line-up of inspirational and fantastic speakers, and I've volunteered to help out behind-the-scenes. :):) God answers prayers in the most gracious manner, although sometimes it's a little 'crazy'!
    (PS: they're even getting Jane Goodall, i'm delirious now)

    3) friends and the hub-to-be who encourage me in everything, from the mundane to the insane, which may be making my scrapbooking-spending spree worse!

    4) good health, good spirits. Sunny skies after a little rain. He is never far. :)

  3. Im thankful for

    1)the weather, YES, the heat! Because i know other parts of the world have it worst than us.

    2) the long nap the boy is having now which equates to longer me time

    3) for my husband who puts me and son right in the center of his life.

    4) good health!!!!

    5) and knowing a fellow bloggy like you! :)

  4. I´m thankful for the chance I have to spend the day with my daughter, watching closely her everyday changes and taking her to different and new places.
    I´m also thankful for finding this blog that makes me think about my life and about what I´m thankful for.
    I´m also thankful for the mini two night vacation the three of us will spend in Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay next weekend.
    I´m thankful for my friends.

  5. You have written such a great post!

    I'm thankful that I'm still alive and kicking... and able to take care of my Little Sprouts!^-^

    Have a nice day to you! Thanks for dropping by My Little Sprouts!

  6. Hello fellow scrapbooking classmate! :)

    I was thankful for the following on Tuesday:

    1. Jog in the gym with a pal. Great bonding time! The endorphins kicked in and she could sense my happiness at the end of our workout!

    2. Lunch with a colleague who has been so busy and it was a great time of catching up.

    3. Koi from Bishan! (Yep, I am a Bishan-er and will be popping by Bishan again today for the scrapbook materials!) I tried a new flavor today and it was yummy! :D

    4. Lying in bed reading a chick-lit, so comfy! Never mind the suspensory ligaments and ciliary muscles.. haha!

    5. Mum, who has been supportive in all that I do and have been giving me sound advice.

    6. Am less than a month away to two fabulous holidays, Perth and Korea! Pinnacles, ginseng and seaweed are all within sight now. :D

    7. A couple of lunch dates fixed for fellowship.

    That's all!

  7. Your blog posts remind me of the past 2 years I spent with my son as a stay-at-home Mum. Though he was a handful, I do look back on them with a sense of wistfulness because he's now growing up so fast. And I'm now busy with the baby. Treasure your time with Junior :)

    I'm thankful that all of us are healthy!

  8. Hello everyone! Thanks for taking 5 to give thanks! :) It was so heartening to hear about the things you are thankful for!

    Amelia: I also give thanks for our crazy DG. You people are the best! :)

    Bingling: Jane Goodall? Wow... I want to attend those talks too!

    Cheok-Co-Late: Hey thanks! I'm thankful you're so willing to share all your teaching ideas! :)

    Kira: Hope you'll enjoy the upcoming trip!

    Alice and KittyCat: Thanks for popping by... Take care!

    And my dear scrapbooking classmate: It was nice meeting up today! (The scrapbooking and the ciliary muscles gave you away!) Wow... 2 trips... so nice!



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