Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend wanderings: The unwired life

Flower growing at the Symphony Lake, Botanic Gardens

Just after I posted about Junior J turning 16 months, our internet connection promptly died.  We couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, since the hubby went and got the modem changed, and nothing seemed to work... so we ended up getting a new internet plan (ours was due for renewal anyway).

Meanwhile, I was suffering from wired withdrawal: No daily fixes of "Apartment Therapy"and "Ohdeedoh" (you are talking about someone who used to keep every single issue of the Ikea catalogue since the time they set up shop in Singapore).  No checking of email, and no Facebook.  I felt odd.  My fingers itched.  So I made off with the hubby's iPhone (mine has no data plan, his does), and got to read and send emails with it, and did a bit of blog hopping here and there during the boy's naps.  However, I guess the internet dying on me was good too since it made me unstick my fingers from a mouse, and focus on other things.   (The nice lady at Singtel loaned us a modem to use meanwhile, hence my posting now.)

We had a busy and great (and a relatively unwired) weekend, thanks to the public holiday on Friday (the hubby was on call on Saturday though)!  We managed to:

:: Get a beautiful new kettle.  Our old one (more than a decade old!) had announced its retirement a week ago, by submitting its resignation letter consisting of loads of gunky stuff from the heating element.  Oh, and we also went shopping at the Philips carnival and bought some stuff, like a new phone, since our old one decided to follow in the way our kettle.

:: Spend an evening at the Botanic Gardens with the boy's grandparents.  We wandered around the Symphony lake, but the boy was rather sleepy then, so he was quieter than usual...

However, he had quite abit of fun walking around the rolling lawns amidst picnicking families and couples...

And stopped many times to examine the grass...

... As well stare at pretty girls having picnics (believe me, we've never ever taught him to do that, he's always had this tendency to flirt with girls, both little and big).  And he promptly fell down since he was so busy looking at this group of girls (which was probably done on purpose since that ensured all their attention was on him)!

And we ended the day with dinner at Casa Verde again, and this time, we managed to try the pizza, which was really good!  

:: Do some major grocery shopping... as well as stock up on some scrapbook supplies (Papermarket was having this big sale, and the hubby was nice enough to let me go shopping while he brought the boy for a walk around the mall).

:: Go for a long, slow drive down Old Upper Thomson Road.  This was a spur of the moment thing (and we didn't have the camera). The hubby wanted to let the little boy go and see the monkeys (macaques) that tend to hang around the area, and the boy was fascinated!

:: End our Sunday by trying out some pretty decent fish and chips at a coffeeshop in Toa Payoh (the boy liked the fish, but the batter was a tad too salty)...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I know what you mean by those withdrawal symptoms. I refused to have those 'push-email' services, but I do check mails on my phone every hour or so when I'm outside!

    But I guess I'm at peace with no phones/computers/internet when I'm busy sewing away. :D

    Ooooh yes.... Casa Verde... I was there with some girlfriends on Thursday night and was back there again with the family for Saturday's dinner (same day as you?!). Yes. The pizzas are really yum!

  2. vee and i had the pizza there and liked it v much too! :)

  3. I like to read your blog. Very well-written. :)

  4. It was a GREAT weekend, almost too great *slight Monday Blues*.

    Also, I get extremely restless when I get disconnected from the internet, i think its starting to be cause for concern. My last action before dozing off in bed is blog-surfing on my iPhone. Help!

  5. We had a beautiful rainy weekend. My grandparents came for lunch yesterday and I just love it when they spend time with their great grandaughter.
    As I was reading the part where Junior J likes to be around girls and get their attention, I laughed out loud, cause little Larinka does the same thing with young boys and men in general, and she makes funny faces and serious looks to them. It´s so funny! I guess their nature show us amazing things every single day.

  6. Yvette: Aiyah! We were there on Friday night, so we almost met I guess... Went on the day you weren't there! Know what you mean about checking email as well as how sewing keeps the itchy fingers busy! :)

    Amelia: Yay... next time we all go together on a weekday evening ok? There's one for one now Mon-Thu!

    Cendrine: Thanks for visiting, and thank you! :)

  7. Daphne: Long weekends are so good aren't they? And I think the iPhone ups the wired factor by quite abit... Now that our wireless is down I guess it helps me stop surfing so much!

    Kira: Great to know your grandparents had time with little Lara! Hahaha... They are such funny little creatures, the way they interact with others!



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