Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monday made: Repurposing cards as CD holders (and a wedding)

I don't like plastic CD jewel cases.  Perhaps its because they seem to use up alot of space to store one disc.  Or perhaps its how terrible they look after they've been tumbled about in your bag for a week.  Anyway, whatever the case, I usually end up either getting those folders that allow you to store loads of discs... and in the case of those weddings that we photograph, I usually try to make an envelope out of cardstock to hold the CDs.

For the recent wedding that we photographed, I tried something different by repurposing the couple's wedding invitation.  I thought using the card to hold the CD would help to kill 2 birds with one stone:  Firstly, they got to keep the card as a memento, and secondly, it would help to protect the CDs.

Making the CD holder was simple... All I did was stick their names (using those lettering stickers used for scrap-booking) on the two inner flaps of the card, and made a little pocket using some cardstock to hold the CDs in the center region.  Then I added the date at the top, along with some flowers (again these were scrapping supplies)...

And tied up the whole thing using ribbon!

I thought this idea could be used for repurposing birthday cards (to store CDs containing the photos taken at a birthday party), or any other pretty cards or those with sentimental value that you can't bear to throw away.  At least this way, they'll be serving another function as well!

In what other ways do you repurpose your cards?


And since I'm on the topic of the wedding... here are some of our favourite shots for the day:

I really loved how the red umbrella and the sisters' dresses gave the whole scene a pop of colour! :)

It was the first wedding we've photographed 
that had a suckling pig... And my, was it yummy!


  1. Great pictures! And I love your idea of using their wedding invitation to make the cd holder!

  2. Hi Lindsay,
    Thanks! :) Hope your photography business' going well!

  3. That it a very dedicated and creative present. I love your ideas!



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