Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: Little things that make me smile

Hello!  Its time to count thy blessings again!  This week, we're thankful for:

1. Good health: Everyone's recovered and is in the pink of health for now.  :)

2. God's love.  And the reminder that even though everything else may pass away, He is eternal.

3. Little things, that brighten up my day, like:

:: This really thoughtful giveaway by blogger Eileen.  She let her cute little kitty choose the winner of the giveaway, and the cat chose me!  The gift came nicely wrapped in a pretty cloth bag, along with a little card... and I loved the handmade hairband, as well as the hair ties (which were so handy since I snapped my one and only hairclip recently)!  Thanks, Eileen!

:: Little moments like this role reversal I spotted over the weekend:

The hubby had fallen asleep holding Junior J's bolster and bearbear, while the boy was doing a grown-up thing: Perusing an Ikea catalogue!  (Seems like he has his mama's interest in design!)

:: More words learnt by the little boy: Flower (Fwah-wah), mouth (muah), throw! (yelled while helping me to throw junk mail away while we were checking the letterbox), and diaper (Pah-per).

:: Peekaboo... at any time of the day...

:: Little hugs from the little boy: When I yell "HUG!", he comes running and crashes into me.  Its not really one of those proper "hold you tight" kind of hug, but its more than enough for me!

:: The childlike fascination with anything and everything: The other day, I taught the boy how to pop some bubble wrap during lunch, and he was so interested!

4. This couple in our DG who really love our doggy.  They took him back over the long weekend, and gave him a weekend filled with treats and walks (which was especially great since with Junior J we can't give him so many long walks as last time).  The furry fellow has been pining for them since!

5. Friends and family, that love and care for us!

6. The quick and speedy clearing up of the oil spill that happened recently... I was so worried about the state of Chek Jawa!

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Nice post! Your pictures of Junior J always surprise me. He is so adorable!!! I´m glad you are all feeling better and for all the new words he´s learned!!! That´s great!

  2. Junior J seems up and about in full force already - that's wonderful!

    TIll this day, popping bubble wrap ranks among my top most therapeutic things to do, perfect for stress-relieving.



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