Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend wonderings: Opposites attract?

Colourful or neutral?  Fragile or tough?
(Flowers blooming among the pebbled shore of Lake Tekapo, NZ)

Do you ever believe in the saying “Opposites attract”?  I do.  Or perhaps if I might rephrase it, I would say “Opposites complement each other”, or something along those lines.  For example, I am obsessive when it comes to schedules, and like to make all my appointments way ahead of schedule.  When my schedule is disrupted for whatever reason, I tend to really freak out, and behave like a male crab without its burrow (ie wander aimlessly, be really jittery, and pick fights with others).  The dear hubby is the exact opposite.  Spontaneous and always ready to go out for a meal should anyone call him, he tends to forget to key in his appointments into his phone, and would then suddenly remember he has this or that to attend only the day before.  So you can imagine how much freaking out I’ve done since we’ve been married, or how often he shakes his head at my rigidity and inflexibility!

Take this weekend for an example.  The hubby’s friend was getting married on Saturday, but the friend who was supposed to pass him the wedding invite had lost it.  He was still clueless about the wedding venue come Saturday morning, and I only had a vague impression that it was supposed to be at 1100 hrs in the morning (since that was what he keyed into his schedule).  At 1000 hrs, he suddenly reads his smses, and tells me something like “The wedding starts at 1030!  Please hurry up or we’ll be late!”.  That was while we were still feeding a little boy all covered in Cheerio muck, and were still dressed in grungy clothes meant never to see the light of day.  So I got the hubby to bathe the little boy and managed to packthediaperbagwithsnacksandtoysgetmyselfandJuniorJready… all without freaking out. And we got out of the house in 15 minutes flat (ok, granted, I was strapping my shoes on in the lift, sans makeup… but hey, at least my dress wasn’t wrinkly and my heels matched my dress!), so even the hubby was impressed!

I guess being opposites in various ways does help to build us both up, and I think we complement each other in many ways...  I’ve learnt how to be more flexible and easygoing thanks to the hubby… and he’s learning how to be more structured with his schedule and more organized.  J

What do you think?  Do opposites attract, or do they “attack”?

PS: We had a busy weekend!  We photographed a birthday party, and met up with friends to pass them their wedding photos, read alot of Mother Goose (at the boy's request)... And fell sick again.  Which explains the lack of photos, since its hard to snap while you're sniffling!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. You made me smile MamaJ!
    I have a real obsession with being punctual. I guess it means responsability to me.
    If we have to be somewhere at 10 o clock, my hubby takes a shower at 9:45 and I start to freak out. In our case, I´m the one who is always wating, and please feel free to picture me: all Larinka´s stuff in one hand and Little Larinka on the other one. I´m all dressed up and he is asking me if his new shirt is clean because he may want to wear it...
    Grrrrrrrrr, I really need a glass of wine when he does that!
    In our case I think we still must learn how to complement and attract, more than attack.

  2. I'm a slack and trusting. He's a perfectionist and worrier! LOL...
    I learn to be more efficient from him and he tells me he is thankful I'm not a nag. And when we still love each other with all our faults, well...that is definitely complement :)

    BTW, hope you'll recover soon.

  3. Hehe...sounds like me and my hubby. I am a stickler for routines and I like to be on-time. I think his flexibility has rubbed off a little on me but none of my traits has influenced him at all. Still I think we complement one another, although I still can't stop whinge-ing to him whenever we are running late for appointments.

  4. hehee we're both semi-spontaneous, but i like going out alot more than he does (he prefers to stay at home). im also a terrible worry wart, so thank God he's a great stabilizer - have to keep repeating 'it's going to be FINE' a million times! i also like schedules, so it drives me nuts sometimes when we have to be someplace and he'll take the time to scroll thru the iphone playlist for some nice car tunes!

  5. Kira: Oh, the way you described it made me laugh (but I guess the actual situation wasn't funny)! Actually the odd thing is while I'm a stickler for schedules, the hubby is the one who's more punctual. So that's another thing that drives us nuts! But I agree about complementing rather than attack! :)

    Eileen: Thanks! :) All better now... and so nice that's its complement for you too! :)

    Rachel: Haha, hubby moans whenever we're late, since he's more particular about punctuality, so I know what you mean! Glad its complement for you too!

    Bingling: "Pete's your rock" just popped into my head when I read that he's your stabilizer, heee... :) Seems like its complement for you too!



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