Friday, December 10, 2010

The SAHM's song (aka my pathetic prayer)

Oh dear God, I've been hit by a bad flu bug,
I'm coughing, I can't breathe, I'm feeling sick.
He gently reminds me... Dear child, remember,
I am strong, even though you are weak.

Dear God, my sup's breathing down my neck,
My drafts are not done, I'm a nervous wreck,
I need more time and sleep!  He says, keep trusting,
Keep going, in Me nothing you will lack...

Dear God, the house's a disaster, and my friends are coming,
The boy's just thrown up, and made a mess doing his art,
He reminds me: your brothers and sisters do not remember you,
For the beauty of your home, but for the bigness of your heart.

Dear God, I've made it through the day in one piece,
The house is finally quiet, and the child sound asleep,
Help me to keep trusting and walking with You,
And that under the shadow of Your wings, I must keep.

(Randomly written, after a day of freaking out, due to me being badly hit by the flu, with a coughing kid that threw up during lunch and dinner, and split his milk twice, along with an incident of spilling the boy's soup in the sink while trying to cook his lunch with one hand while carrying him... and receiving smses from the sup chasing me for my drafts, while the upcoming German exam on Monday looms threateningly ahead.  But God is good, and I will survive!)  

1 comment:

  1. hey Jus,
    Hang in there! U're strong.. you've come so far... you can & will make it. Take care. Speedy recovery and happy belated birthday!

    Wee Foong



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