Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday scrapping: Christmas cards

Hello... Am stuck home today as the flu's still hanging about... Thought I'd just post up the cards I designed for "Makes and Takes" for Papermarket before I continue working on my dissertation:

Just roll up a piece of patterned paper to make the handle for the pinwheel. :)

The bottom snowman is foam-dotted so that you can tuck the lower flap underneath him...

And the simplest card... using a stamp from Studio G.

Yup... all patterned papers used were from Echo Park's "Everybody Loves Christmas" collection (all materials from Papermarket, ya?).  It was my first time doing cards actually, and I enjoyed it... Not too sure if any of you managed to do these cards, I hope you did have fun making them, along with the other designs from the creative team!  Blessed weekend!


  1. Lovely cards! Very creative ideas. Kyle will be helping me with cards this year, I am so thrilled that he is able to do most of it ;p Using cut outs of tree decorations, add glue and lots of sparkly stuff and we are done!

  2. Your first work is my favourite, I really like the combination of colours and shapes. Good luck with the flu!!!!

  3. Love the pinwheel. You make it seem so effortlessly beautiful! :D

  4. Hi!! really nice cards! my favorite one is the pinwheel one! but they are all so sweet! have a great day! must rush it is bath time!!

  5. love your cute cards and great work for a first time card maker!!! =)

  6. These are very fine art, 2 thumbs up! Keep well and take care!^-^

  7. So creative and the cards and oh so pretty! Love your blog esp the crafty section which u cleverly recycled some things as materials. Will be doing lotsa reference frm your blog for myself n my 2 gals!



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