Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: We are blessed...

... and thank God this week for:

:: His creation, from towering mountains, the crashing waves of the sea... to all sorts of animals, from cows that give us milk to cheeky Taiwan magpies with long twitchy tails...

:: Time together as a family, hanging out together.  (And the hubby has realized after running after the boy the whole day, that taking care of a two year old is not easy...)

:: Journey mercies through windy mountain roads and foggy days, and crazy traffic on the roads...

:: The little quirks of Taiwan, from the garbage trucks that play only two songs to announce their arrival (some Chinese song we can't identify, or Fur Elise), to piping hot Taiwanese sausages and beef noodles (which the hubby has been eating everyday *shakes head*).

:: Fresh fruits readily available at markets and supermarkets...

:: A little toddler that loves his fruits and veggies (he's been surprising us by eating green leafy veggies by the leaf on a good day, without needing us to cut it up).  We still need to work on the meat/protein though...

:: Thermals, wind-breakers and long johns that keep you from freezing your butt off in gusty winds...

:: Hot tea on cold mornings...


:: Maps that help you navigate around a foreign land.

What are you thankful for?


  1. love your thankful posts! always thoughful! I am thankful for friendship today, and for nice kind children!!!

  2. i'm thankful for your hugs you gave me recently. :)

    they came in much needed.

    bigger hugs to you.

  3. I'm in awe by your dedication to your blog - ALL the postings done when you are on the road! All the documenting of your crafts, trips, your boy growing up, etc. It's such a lovely story!

    I'm thankful for family - who is available again to help watch over Benji so that I can get attend to my work again. Yep. My folks have been busy entertaining some guests for the past 2 weeks and I had to put on my Stay/Work at home mom hat :p

    As for traveling with a young toddler - Live & let live. We try not to get too upset if Benji refuses a meal - if he wanted just fries and nothing else, we obliged that one time and reminded that its because we are on holiday and he has to be good for the next meal, if not, no more treats. And we have had times when he would have only apples for dinner...

    As for dressing up, I know the struggle - we were in Japan when it was at freezing temp. It was a challenge trying to dress Benji in the warm hotel room. But when we hit the streets (without his coat & hat) and he felt the chill, he let us dressed him with NO COMPLAINTS.

  4. Sophie: That's a nice list to be thankful for... but why nice kind children? :)

    Just Me: Thanks... you take care and hang in there ok?

    Yvette: Haha, find it good to offload my thoughts in the blog at any time, even when overseas. :p Great that your family can help take care of Benji! And I can't tell you how much your comment reassures me wrt travelling with tykes. Golly, its tough, but yes, we'll try to close one eye! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  5. maybe i should pen down mine here: thankful for having mum with me, even though it is shourtly:).

    and thankful to have you to remind me the thankfulness:).

  6. PC: Hey thanks. :) Its great to have help, yes? :)



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