Monday, March 7, 2011

Twice Taiwan: It takes...

4 hands to pin down a squirming toddler and get him dressed...
5 layers of clothing to keep him warm up in the mountain...
20 minutes to finish that task...

... only to have the boy poop in his diaper and have you undress him, another 10 minutes to wash him up, and repeat the whole process AGAIN.  (We always thought that only happened in shows, but well, it seems to happen to us too!)

It takes...

1.5 hours for little boy to finish lunch...
3 strawberries every meal as bribes to get him to finish up some of the food...
4 pee breaks in between mouthfuls to empty that little bladder (we've given up trying to rush him to the toilet, since sometimes there are accidents, so we just carry a paper cup around with us.  That's the good thing about boys I guess!).

The hubby has concluded that trips and toddlers with terrible twos don't mix really well.  But all in all, we're having fun, and have wandered around funny rock formations in Ye liu, flown a kite, and are now roaming around a farm.  I've managed to try milking a cow too... which is pretty hard!

... And it takes 1 blur mama rushing her packing to lose the USB cable, so there are no pictures for the trip right now.  Oh well.  Have a great week!


  1. Oh well, it does add to the whole experience!lol :) Think positive always and enjoy Taiwan! :)

  2. Enjoy your trip! Sounds fun, even though quite a hassle with a kiddy. Precious memories :)

  3. Never easy with them todds! But u guys managed to get out which is a good thing! Hope u get to enjoy much despite the fussiness.

    Have been meaning to ask u about potty training. Read that he's in diapers? Did u mean training pants? We r going to potty train Lj soon but feeling nervous about the whole thing esp with going out. Do give me tips and advices when u have time.

    Can't wait for ur taiwan 2 photos.

  4. Yvonne: Haha, yes, trying to, and thanks!

    Dotz: You have a point there, we'll look back and remember the nice times, I'm sure! :)

    SY: I really take off my hat to you managing both boys plus the move and all... amazing you! Oh yes, will post and mail you about the potty training soon ok?



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