Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday scrapping: Watching the planes

Just a quick post while I'm waiting for little boy to wake up... Junior J has recently had this interest in planes, so he was really excited when we flew on one a few days back... :)  He had fun pressing the buttons on the remote, and thankfully co-operated and wore his seatbelt when the plane started taxi-ing (we now have to pay for an extra seat for him).  We even got some time to watch "The King's Speech" (which was really good, btw) while he napped, and the flight was made really pleasant by a steward who insisted on giving us extra snacks, saying "parents must be taken care of". :)

So here's an LO done for Papermarket on a picture of Junior J and his papa watching the planes fly by in Pangkor, using the new My Mind's Eye collection, Stella and Rose (Its now available in Papermarket btw!):

I really love the strong, masculine colours of the Hattie line for the collection! :)

Ok, gotta run, hope everyone's been having a blessed weekend! :)


  1. such a clever and masculine layout!!! this folded planes are fabulous!!!!

  2. love the planes you made!

    and i hope i can watch "The King's Speech" too:).

  3. Thanks Sophie and PC! :)

    PC, do catch the movie, its really good!



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