Friday, March 4, 2011

Twice Taiwan: Hoping it'll get warmer...

Its 10 degrees Celsius here in Yangming Shan today, with a drizzle and gusty winds.  We tried to drive up to Leng Shui Keng in the morning (after all of us overslept thanks to the boy turning off the ringer on my phone, and hubby had to run down to check if there was still breakfast left), and encountered thick fog and mist until we could barely see the windy mountain road in front of us.  We ended up just staying in the visitor centre for lunch, with me having frozen toes (and desperately drinking cups of diluted Ovaltine to keep warm), and the boy doing his usual "I don't want to eat lunch" routine of sptting out food and only eating if there were strawberries.  :(  Now I understand what the phrase "chilled to the bone" means.  (Ok, if you are living in areas with harsh winters, you can scoff at me, but I blame it on silly me rushing this morning and wearing thin socks and not enough layers.)  Little boy started coughing too so we had to puff him at the cafe.

We conceded defeat after that, retreated back to the hotel after lunch and have been holed up since (the hubby did go for a walk while the little boy napped)... All in all, the hubby has concluded, no more mountain visits, at least not to areas that can get colder than 15 degrees!

Well, its going to be warmer areas after this leg of the trip, so things should get better...  Have a great weekend!


  1. take care and have lots of fun! been following your taiwan trip journal...

  2. Pooi: Thanks dear! :) Hope you've been well!



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