Thursday, March 3, 2011

Twice Taiwan: Our second visit to the "Beautiful Island"

Hello!  The hubby has worked out how to use the Wifi in the little hotel we're staying in over in Yangming Shan, so I thought I'll just type a quick update while the two boys are napping.  We've been having a rather enjoyable trip thus far, spending Tuesday night at the hubby's uncle's place, and we'll be wandering around Yangming Shan til the weekend.  Its spring, and flower season up here on the mountain, however my old beat-up laptop can't seem to import the photos from the camera, so all I have here are blurry shots from the iPhone...

So anyway, I think these two photos pretty much sum up how the past few days have been:

While spring is a tad dreary right now in terms of the weather, the whole place is bursting in bloom... While we are told we missed the cherry blossom season, we are still seeing many sakura trees in bloom, along with all sorts of other flowers. :) 

Its pretty cold right now, with day temperatures around 14 degrees.  Added to that a strong, biting wind, and its really brrrrrrrr... We rushed out this morning to take a walk around the gardens and I didn't layer enough, so I ended up freezing!  The hubby gallantly swopped jackets with me, so we looked like an odd couple: him with a too tight jacket, and me with one that was way too big... heh!  At least the boy was nice and warm, since he was the only one that had mittens, a beanie and legwarmers packed!  (But his very blur mama forgot to bring his soap and shampoo!  Sigh.)  The two boys also had fun playing in the hot tub (that you can fill with the rather "smelly" mineral-loaded water from the hot spring) this afternoon, and after that we had no problems getting the boy dressed for once, since he was so cold!  (I have not had the guts to use the tub yet, since its out in the open... that makes me a cold chicken I guess!)

Am off to cook the boy's dinner!


  1. The description of your hubby swopping jackets with you put a smile on my face! So sweet lah :) Enjoy your stay and keep as warm as you can!

  2. Corsage: Haha, thanks! :) Its now layers and layers and more layers!



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