Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: We're off!

Back to Taiwan, and the little boy can crawl freely on the grass! :)

We spent the past few days rushing here and there, getting things done before we leave for Taiwan.    NIE campus, Jurong Point, Ang Mo Kio.  Church, Marina Square, Raffles City, Great World City.  Buzz buzz, whizz whizz, busy busy.  Getting my final dissertation printed, photocopied, and submitted for hard-cover binding.  Finishing various design assignments.  Writing up my guest posts for Little Red Bus.  Trying to study for the German exam.  Figuring out what on earth was wrong with our camera battery, which kept dying on us (it turned out the boy had pressed some buttons and switched off the "auto-off" button).  Waiting for ages before getting my fish and chips at the hawker centre at Ang Mo Kio (it turned out pretty yummy, but the uncle at the store was really rude).

So while I'm really really tired from the sleepless night I've had thanks to all the packing I have to do (I dunno why, but packing for the family always takes ages and freaks me out)... I'm feeling really thankful right now for:

:: This opportunity for us to spend time as a family overseas, in a country that would be blooming and fresh from spring.  And enjoying God's creation.  :)

:: Some good news I received yesterday, and oddly enough, the circumstances leading to the good news which resulted in me having to skip German class (and the exam), but for a very very good reason.  :p

:: Everyone being safe and sound, especially my dad who just went for an op yesterday.

:: A break from the usual housework (cooking and washing does continue, but at least being away from the home does help!).

:: God's love, and care for all His children.

Very tired, but very blessed.  What are you thankful for today?


  1. have a safe trip and enjoy to the fullest!

    the picture of baby J is so adorable~!!!

  2. Just saw on your side bar that it's Junior J's birthday. Happy Birthday little man! Have a safe trip!

  3. Glad you have a joyful trip, do have a wonderful vacation!

    I'm thankful that I have got my Little Sprouts smiling to me!;D

  4. PC: Thanks! :)

    Jillian: Oh, thanks! Actually it was in Jan, but I think I've yet to change the birthday ticker... thanks for the reminder to change it!

    Alice: Thanks... :)



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