Friday, February 25, 2011

Saturday scrapping: Messy messy!

Hello... its not Saturday yet, but I thought I'll just post up this LO I just finished during Junior J's nap, before the really busy weekend hits me... I've hardly any time to try any challenges, so I thought I'll use the sketch for the Feb Crate challenge and quickly scrap something to journal Junior J turning 25 months on Thu:

The twine makes me happy: One single piece to spell "mths", plus act as a photo border, plus encircle the "25"! :)

This one was quick to do, since I wanted to take Pooi's advice and focus on telling a story (in this case, recording his milestones at 25 months).  The journalling is all hidden underneath the strips of paper, which are held together using washi tape and some related word stickers:

And the final messy LO, to match with the title:

Patterned papers are a jumble from the Little Sprouts, Restoration and Brook collections from Crate Paper.
Stickers are from Restoration.  And of course, Thickers, green glimmer mist, and brown distress ink.
(I really can't do without brown ink!)

Anyway, at 25 months, interesting developments have been:
:: He's been singing full songs like "Row your boat" and "Twinkle twinkle little star", in tune, and with his funny pronounciation.  
:: He's been trying to improvise his own lyrics to songs, or make up his own songs.  Recently, we've realized that he thinks the lyrics to the Sunday school song "Deep and wide" mean "Deep and WHITE".  So he adds other verses like "Deep and yellow, deep and blue", combined with the usual actions to the song.  Or he'll invent new songs like "Mama coming mama coming, Juju there!" (to the tune of "Where is Thumbkin")
:: He likes to describe people as "handsome" and "pretty".  He tends to jumble them up though, and say the males are pretty and vice versa.
:: He is still messy during meals.  And loves to mess around with paint.  And now declares "MESSY MESSY!" when he sees a messy pile of papers in the study.

He's growing up really fast, that some days I hope there's a "stop" button I could press...


  1. Oh, liked the way you described your boy on his singing! Great that he can even sing in tune! Budding singing star!?

    I'm still singing to my 27mth girl and patiently waiting for her to really sing the full songs that your boy can already sing. Her speech is slow, max she can go is 3words. Nevertheless, like your boy, she can say messy when she sees mess! What cuties we have!

  2. he is SO cute!! I love your last two posts... my siblings and I did the exact same things little Ju did at that age... bargaining for time when discipline loomed... misunderstanding Sunday School songs... and all :) don't worry MamaJ. With much love and the necessary discipline he will grow into a fine young man. Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. love the twine forming the words! and he is sOoo adorable :)

  4. I love what you did with the twine and all the lovely precious little things you are doing with your little man - and most of all that you are sharing it with us. :)

  5. Really cute! Love the little twine action...very artsy! Love the mix of papers too! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks peeps!

    O Tulip Mama: Oh, she says messy too? So cute! Even funnier sometimes since they are the source of all the mess!

    Viola: Thanks for the reminder, I really hope so!



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