Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I think I left my legs in Taipei Zoo.

Seriously.  We got up pretty bright and early and headed to the zoo after breakfast via MRT (we've returned the car since its a nightmare to drive in Taipei, especially with all the one way streets and no left turns that don't show up on maps)... I won't go into the details since my photos are still stuck in the camera, but it probably would suffice to say that we walked around for 5 hours and saw gorillas, beavers and of course the pandas, among loads of other animals.  In between Junior J managed to get an afternoon nap, though not of his usual 2 hours, but only an hour as he got startled by some drilling, but it was better than nothing.  By the end of the visit, I could barely feel my legs anymore, but we did make a trip to Eslite to see if we could get a storybook or two for the boy (we had brought 4 books for the trip, and were going crazy having to read "Curious George goes camping" or "God loves you Barnabas" for about the 50th time)... and had a pretty decent dinner at the food court there.

We were trudging back to the hotel from the MRT station when it started to rain, and after a long tiring day with a toddler who'd been eating badly for all three meals (we'd switched to using grapes to encourage him to eat, but they don't seem to be as good a push for the boy, compared to strawberries) , we were feeling a little discouraged.  We were also wondering how we were going to find strawberries since there didn't seem to be any supermarket nearby...

... and then there we saw it.  Out of the blue, a makeshift stall set up at night, selling just nothing but strawberries.  Oh thank you God for little mercies!

Sorry for the crappy pic, but iPhone photos are all I have right now.
The strawberries do look way better than in the photo!

Now I gotta go and find my legs. Goodnight!


  1. Praise God for those little provisions! :)

  2. WOW what a blessing! He indeed provides! Hope he eats better for the rest of the trip.

    Looking forward to seeing your camera photos when you return :)

  3. LOL, congratulation on archiving new walking record! Wow, it's sure a hectic but adventurous and joyful day for all of you!^-^

  4. When do you get back from Taiwan? Will Taiwan be affected by the Japan earthquake?

  5. Suzanne: Amen! Thanks for dropping by! :)

    Corsage: He did, especially if we gave him sandwiches...

    Alice: Haha, thanks!

    Evergreen: Sorry this is so late, but Taiwan wasn't affected... thanks for the concern! :)



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