Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend wonderings: We might never have made it back

Hello... We reached back to Singapore yesterday night after a relatively smooth flight (ok, the little boy drove his papa a little nuts during the flight by asking for alternate sips of apple and tomato juice, but both hubby and I managed to take turns to watch "Black Swan", which left me really disturbed).  For those who were asking if Taiwan was affected by the Japan quake/tsunami, apparantly there was a tsunami warning issued for the coastal regions like Hualien, but when the wave hit the tide was receeding (at least that was what a cab driver told me), and hence the Taiwan coast was left unscathed.  

Reading the reports in the papers on the plane and in the hotel was rather heart-breaking though, especially as the death toll climbed higher and higher.  And with that came the thought that we might have never made it back to Singapore... especially since Japan actually was on our list of options when we were planning for this holiday, but we ended up choosing Taiwan since it would be easier to find our way around since we could speak the language.  Whatever the case, we're thankful for a safe jouney home, and praying hard for Japan.  (Btw, you can also donate to support relief efforts here.)

All in all, this trip was alot more challenging since we now have with us a two year old toddler who has a mind of his own... but we've learnt some little lessons on the way too:

:: That kids listen, all the time:  In Taiwan, many drivers tend to speed to beat the red light at pedesterian crossings, so you might get mowed down if you step onto the road the minute the green man flashes.  Once, one of these drivers zoomed past and narrowly missed the hubby, who exclaimed "Idiot!"... and that was followed by another similar exclamation from the boy.  At least this is going to put a damper on any behind-the-wheel scolding from the hubby from now on!

:: Kids listen, and learn when you least expect it:  One night when I was singing hymns to Junior J before bedtime (a usual routine we have), little boy sat up at the line "twas grace that taught my heart to fear", and told me "Mama, heart!", pointed at his chest, and said "pombpomb, pombpomb".  I've always thought that the lyrics to hymns would be too complicated for the boy to understand, but well, I guess he's proven me wrong!

:: God provides and protects. :)

:: To be flexible when it comes to meals with little ones: Since it was difficult to find eateries with suitable food at the correct times, we dropped into bakeries along the way and sometimes gave the little boy sandwiches... which made us discover that while he would spit out any meat if its given on its own, he would happily eat meat if its sandwiched between two slices of bread!

Junior J on a bad day, refusing to eat much... but meals did take a turn for a better.  :)

:: That nap time equal to museum time: We timed our outings in Taipei such that we visited museums after lunch, where Junior J could see the exhibits that might interest him straight after lunch, and then popped him in the pram for a nap while we could browsed the other exhibits.  Some days this worked, some days this didn't... but I guess that all comes with having a spontaneous two year old I guess!

Rare family shot where we all look ok, and everyone is in focus.  Taken at the farm...

So it was still good family time.  :)  Have a blessed week ahead!

PS: My constipated camera is so relieved in being able to unload its heavy burden of photos, so be prepared to be bombed with photos in the next few posts!


  1. Glad you are all back safe! It must have been so much planning to do travelling with a toddler! Definitely looking forward to the photos :)

  2. Corsage: Thanks! Haha, I guess it wasn't so much the planning but the dealing with tantrums and the like. Oh well. But he did have fun!



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