Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Twice Taiwan: Yangmingshan (and Thankful Tuesdays!)

Hello!  We stayed in Yangmingshan for 3 nights for the first leg of our Taiwan trip, putting up at the Yangming Sunrise Spring Hotel (However, they have changed their name and I forgot to note it, but the number in the guide is still functional I think).  The hubs booked the place off the Lonely Planet guide because of the deep tubs they had in balconies off each room that piped in water directly from the hot spring... and both hubby and Junior J would soak in the hot tub everyday (the boy loved it!), despite the cold air outdoors.

Most of the time was spent indoors huddled under the covers (especially for me) since it rained most days and temperatures ranged from 6 to 14 degrees on cold days... However there was clear skies on the second day on the mountain  and we managed to take a nice walk in the park:

:: Sakura trees in full bloom (it was the tail end of the cherry blossom season, so I can't imagine how gorgeous it must be during the peak of the season!):

:: More gorgeousness from the flower festival (the locals flock there too, to "shang3 hua1"):

The little boy was yelling "Papa, sakura! Mama, sakura!" every time he saw a tree in bloom (which was about every minute or so)...

Hubby in my jacket... since he had to give me his...

It was really cold though, and I ended up having to wear hubby's jacket... I think only the little boy was equipped this trip, and he was all toasty and warm!

We tried to visit Lengshuikeng another day, which is a hot spring having waters much cooler than the usual hot springs (about 40 degrees, hence the name).  It rained that day, and it was foggy and misty.  We met a local who hitchhiked a ride from us (she was intending to spend her day off soaking in the hot spring, and was walking up, braving the rain and fog), and she directed us to the visitor centre... and we ended up spending the rest of the time hiding in there having lunch (piping hot tea eggs are really yummy when you're numb with cold), since we couldn't see a thing outside and it was freezing (6 degrees) and the boy had started coughing.  

Our visit to Yangmingshan ended on quite a nice note though, with us chancing upon a calla lily field:

They are such simple, structural, but such beautiful flowers, aren't they?  We bought a bunch for the hubby's aunt. :)

Oh, and before I sign off, here's our thankful list for the week:

:: God's faithfulness and love.

:: A good trip, and time spent with family.  We stayed with hubby's uncle's family the first night of the trip, as well as the night after the few days in Yangmingshan, and Junior J had a good time playing with his "uncle", C (the hubby's cousin).  We were really blessed by the family's hospitality (and boy, hubby's aunt sure can cook!).

The two boys reading together.  C was trying really hard to explain the different parts of the body to the little boy!

:: Being able to enjoy the beauty of God's creation...

:: The nice normality of everyday life at home (somehow, trips and their unpredictability can be rather tiring!).

:: The whole struggle with my research project is finally over, as I handed up the final hard-bound copy of the dissertation yesterday... Finally!  Its good to get it all done! :)

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. The sakuras are lovely! Your boy is so cute. Really thank God you guys made it back safely :)

  2. oh my! callalily! those are my favourite flower!!!

    looks like you had a great time:)!

    thanks for sharing.

  3. Madeline: Thanks... :) Oh yes, we really thank God for safety!

    PC: They are pretty, aren't they? :) We did have a good time, even though it was rainy most of the time...



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