Friday, March 18, 2011

Twice Taiwan: Yeliu

After freezing our butts off in Yangmingshan, we headed off to Yeliu to spend a day, and the weather turned out beautifully warm and sunny that day.  Along the way, we spotted this:

Flying high

... and couldn't resist stopping the car and buying a kite to fly. :)  This round, we had no problems getting the kite up in the sky (unlike our failed attempt previously), as the wind was so strong.  In fact, our problem was making sure the kite didn't fly away!

Kite flying with papa

We then filled our tummies with a piping hot Taiwanese sausage and it was to Yeliu and its limestone cape.  The place is filled with all sorts of rock formations, carved through the action of wind and sea erosion:

Ye liu rock

Some had names to them, the most famous being the Queen's head, which had a queue of people waiting to take a photo with it... which we decided to skip. :p

Candlestick rocks

It was really really crowded since it was a weekend, but the little boy had loads of fun wandering up and down the slopes (while munching a peanut butter sandwich) and peering at the rocks...

Wandering in yeliu
We thought this rock really looked like a seahorse.  Don't you think so?

... and spotting fossils buried in the rocks:

Yeliu fossil

There was also a little picturesque bay where many wedding couples were having their shots taken (I really pitied the brides in their tube tops in that cold, gusty wind)... and we tried taking some family photos there too (but they were ruined as some other people decided to step behind us and take their own photos at the same time!).  But all in all, we really had a good time there.  (Oh, and its really a great place for kids to wander around, and the visitor centre even has a nursing room!)

Just me and J

PS: The hubby flew off yesterday for a conference and I'm now down with the flu.  Was feeling rather crappy, but seeing these photos again made me smile.  Have a good weekend!

PPS: A gentle reminder that my little shop will be donating some profits from the sale of nursing covers to the Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan.  Details here. :)  Thanks for those who've shown your support thus far!

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