Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday scrapping: Celebrating a year (and a giveaway!)

Hello hello!  Today marks one year since I started scrapbooking. :)  Exactly one year ago, me and an ex-colleague, E, stepped into Papermarket for our first ever scrapbooking class, and since then, we've been hooked... along the way, I've been blessed to make friends with some scrappers, and I must say crafters tend to be really nice people. :)  I'm also so grateful for the generousity of some of my various scrappy pals, especially Jo, who has been such a great guide and always showering me with scrap stuff! Thanks everyone, for your friendship, love and encouragement, you have made this hobby such an enjoyable one. :)

Its been an exciting year of crafting. :)  While I'm still do mainly 12x12 layouts when I scrap, I think I've moved from wanting to make nice-looking (and lumpy) layouts, to just wanting to quickly chronicle our precious memories (ie, from lots of layering, it has now become lots and lots of journalling! :p).  I really love how we can take our photos and journalling and transform them into special memories, by using mainly a pair of scissors, glue tape and pretty paper... and I'm looking forward to more scrapping to come in the year ahead. :)

To celebrate, I'd like to share some of my stash with one of you... so its giveaway time again!  Here's what's waiting for a new home and owner:

A set of assorted 12x12 patterned papers, 2 6x6 paper pads, and some really cute breadless tags. :)

Some other embellies, like chipboard shapes and tags...

A whole pack of buttons and brads, and some blingbling...

Coming in all shapes and sizes and colours...

And finally, some lace, Prima flowers, huge blooms, roses, twine, ribbons and little pegs!

To enter, please leave a comment in this post, sharing with us what you love most about crafting (you don't need to be a scrapper to enter ya?)... Oh, and if you do not have a blogger account, do leave your name/nickname to make drawing the winner easier please... :) As this set of stuff is pretty heavy, I will need to restrict this giveaway only to those living in Singapore.  Giveaway ends 28th May, Saturday, at 12 noon SG time. :)  Hope you've been having a great weekend!  


  1. Hi MamaJ!!
    Thank you so much for this giveaway. I'm not a scrapper but a sewist (if there is such as word). When I saw this my first thought comes to mind and that is "aah..a starter kit for my girl who loves to draw and make cards".
    Thank you for your generosity!!

  2. thanks for leaving me encouragements especially during my exam period (: it really lifts up my spirits! thanks for giveaway! okay, what i love most about crafting? i love the very fact that i can just be myself, doing what i love, even if i don't do it as well as other people. crafting or scrapbooking has been something that helps me to calm myself, drawing me away from my stressful thoughts. i found this as a good avenue of self care! (:

  3. Ooh... your stash is real pretty! :D Hmmm... I love creating art because I believe it's a very tangible way of expressing my own take of 'beauty' and a way of capturing the special moments from my life and the lives of others, and it's so fun to do and so satisfying when something is completed. I 'discovered' scrapping a couple of years ago, and I simply love the pretty papers and can spend hours snipping away and lose all track of time! :b

  4. Hello~~

    You're so right!! It's so easy to be hooked on crafting (i.e. scrapping) and can't get ourselves out of this addiction!!

    What i loved most about scrapping is that it makes a huge difference when it comes to presenting it as gifts to friends!! It's not what money can buy but what creativity brings, our sincerity and our thoughts behind it!!


  5. oooh! What a beautiful collection!!

    I'm not a scrapper myself, but I love hand making cards! @Jessiestars: You're right, it's the special creativity that makes giving the cards that bit more special.
    Craft work is just the kind of thing that you can put a little bit of you and a little bit of the other person into and it feels so much more worth it than buying something super-expensive that they may not even use a few time!

    Anyway, MamaJ, I'd have loved to do some exchanges with you, but unfortunately I'm not in Singapore =( so leave me out of this draw. I just wanted to share crafty thoughts with all the crafters!

  6. Jus, I remembered the day we stepped into PM for the class and was also looking at my 'works' just now as I was spring cleaning..

    I must say that I've no regrets picking up this hobby, though ex!

    Love crafting because it allows me to put different things together to get a new end product and it is so therapeutic to cut and stick those papers and embellishments!

    Your stash is BEAUTIFUL! I want! ;)

    Pick me pick me pick me! -chants-

    Take care, both you and the little ones! ;)

  7. Wow! I was really surprised to know that you've been scrapping for only a year, as your pieces make it seem like you've been scrapping for years! That gives me encouragement, though, as I'm thinking of picking scrapping up! Crafting is a means of expression - it adds beauty and character that is a unique gift that can be brought forth only be the one creating!
    Thank you for all the inspiration you've shared through all your Monday Made and Scrapilicious Saturday posts! Enjoy them thoroughly! :)

  8. Happy blog anniversary!! I can't believe you have only been scrapbooking for one year!! you are so talented!! here is to another year of creativity and self expression! jounraling our lives is so great and us scrappers are gifted for gratitude!
    hope you and your familie are well

  9. How can I miss out on this? Luv the bling bling / flowers accessorise stufff!!!! Rowene

  10. how do you find time to do craft work??!!! you are amazing! i used to do it in singapore - before having T. I love crafting because it's just some quiet time for me and also whatever I craft reflects my moods/feelings of the day/moments that I'm going through.

    ok, am not in singapore either but man, you've got nice stuff!

  11. Hi! I love how you record your son's milestones with your scrapping. Have been following your blog... you are so creative.
    I'm not a scrapper but would love to start. Started a blog to record my son's milestones, but wish I had more time to journal more. They grow up so fast! I suppose scrapping can also be a mommy-son activity, and another way for me to record his growing up years. Get me started with the kit that you are giving away. :) Thanks in advance.

  12. Hello!! Just nice for me to comment :)
    I got you something 'scrappy' from here! hee. didn't intentionally set out to, but walked into a craft shop. you'll have to wait till i'm back to get it tho! :)

  13. Hi, trying my luck here :) I love arranging my family photos, but it's nowhere near to scrapbooking. I basically just use whatever materials that are available in my house :) What I love the most about scrapbooking is that my family (husband and two kids) loves looking through the photos and recalls the wonderful time that we have as a family. Thanks :)

  14. The stash looks awesome! I love doing collages using mainly recycled materials with interesting textures from paperbags, postcards, gift wrapping paper with nice designs to strings or bottle caps. I agree with the others that crafting release one's stress and it will definitely make one smile looking at the finished product. Have a nice day and keep writing cause I love to read your blog.

  15. Oooh a giveaway! Thanks MamaJ!

    I'm not a scraper but a random crafter who used to sell handmade jewellery (until studies, marriage and later baby came along!) Would love the chance to win the buttons or lace/ribbons/flowers :)

    What I love most about crafting:
    Immersing into the creative self and emerging satisfied and strangely refreshed (even if the crafting ate into sleep time!)

  16. thanks for the giveaway!
    Crafting gives mean a sense of satisfaction. It really does brighten up my day whenever I scrap especially when it a layout is completed :)

  17. Thanks for the giveaways! :) I just started scrapping a few months back and these are some reasons why I'm luving it!:
    - the final product somewhat speaks a thousand words, as if a special language understood by both the giver and the receiver - from the pic chosen, the design created and the words penned
    - the final product ALWAYS brings a smile to its receiver
    and lastly, I love scrapping because I enjoy getting inspiration from the things around me - be it that catalogue from shopping malls for interesting cutouts or my mum's old stash of buttons, ribbons and laces.
    * I'm already feeling so excited penning this down :)

    Yu Shan (

  18. Really generous of you! Tks!
    I love to craft with my kids. Can be very therapeutic if the kids co-operate.

    I know my gals will be thrilled. I'm already planning to DIY some photo frames with your lovely giveaways to put at my work place, that is provided I'm lucky!

  19. Am a noob scrapper.. do it for fun but not very good. What I love about it? It looks so good after you're done! =)

  20. Thanks for the giveaways! I am not a scrapper but I like to make little button flowers as accessories for hairclips, dresses, bags ... etc. So your stash of buttons will be most useful! As I'm expecting my 1st baby (a princess!), I'm on a project to handmake some headbands and hair accessories for her. So, I hope I'll be the lucky one to receive your lovely giveaways!

  21. Hi Jus! 

    Your giveaway question made me think about myself and what I do - I'm a very goal-oriented person who does not have an eye for details (so unlike you hehe!)... so i have not been able to sustain any form of crafting as an ongoing hobby. :( 

    But I craft (do scrapbooking plus making all sorts of random stuff) mostly for projects and gifts for others, because the thought that goes into the craft shows my appreciation for the person in a special way! At the end of the day, it's enough to know that the craft and gift has put a smile on someone's face! :)  

    Eileen :)

  22. Jean: Thanks for commenting... and I've been inspired by the crafts you've been doing with your girl! :)

    Juanna: I agree, crafting does help one to destress! Hope the exams went well!

    Dotz: It certainly is additive... and I've been loving all the cards you've been making... :)

    Jessiestars: Oh yes... its nice to give gifts that are one of a kind.. :)

    Evergreen: Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I liked how you put it, being able to put a little bit of oneself and the recipient into the gift...

  23. Careful crafters: Haha, no regrets here too... see you soon gal!

    Florence: Thanks! :) You should pick it up, its really is an enjoyable hobby... plus you get to make memories too!

    Sophie: Thanks... I loved the phrase "gifted for gratitude", its so apt! :)

    Eden: Heeheee... :) Anyway, I have some stuff to pass you the next time we meet!

    Just Me: I usually have to do all my crafting in little pockets of time here and there (mostly in the middle of the night, or during the boy's nap), and hubby helps to baby-sit sometimes if I have to rush my design assignments. :p Otherwise its quite tough to squeeze in any crafting time at all in a normal day!

  24. Ling: Thanks! Do give it a try, a simple journal would also help (guess you're doing something along those lines since you've been blogging!), since as you put it, they grow up so fast! :)

    Ame: Thank you my dear! So sweet of you leh... :) We miss you in DG!

    Mom2two: Congrats again, and hope the materials will come in handy! :)

    Zee's smallworld: Wow, your collages sound really interesting, its so nice that you're also recycling materials!

    Corsage: Oh yes, crafting does make me refreshed too, even though, like you said, it eats into sleeping time! :)

    Winniechia: I agree about that sense of satisfaction... very nice to sit back to see the finished product!

  25. Yu Shan: Thanks for penning those thoughts! Its so nice that you can get inspiration from all the things around you... :)

    O Tulip Mama: Yes, I've seen the crafting projects you posted, nice! :) Keep crafting, been enjoying those posts especially!

    Madeline: Hmm, I think there are no noob/expert scrappers... we just want to preserve memories and create nice gifts! :)

    Wen-ai: Congrats on the little girl! Hope the pregnancy is going well?

    Eileen: Hope you're still scrapping? And Its true, the hand-crafted gifts do show appreciation for the recipient!

  26. Hi Justina, thanks so much! They are really gorgeous and will push me to start scrapbooking properly! Keep in touch :-)

  27. Mom2two: No worries, you are welcome! :) Keep in touch, and it was nice meeting you!



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