Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday made: Beanie bolsters and babies go well together

Junior J at 10 weeks, with his beanie bolster.  I just realized everything here was homemade: The bedsheet and pillowcase was sewn by my mum, and the orange mat cover below the boy was sewn by my MIL!

A good friend of mine gave Junior J a home-made pillow and bolster set when he was born.  It was those stuffed with bean husks, and it was nice and squishy, yet lightweight (I think these are way better than synthetic fillings, except you have to sun them regularly).  Junior J loved his bolster, and it helped to make him feel secure while he slept, while the pillow was a constant companion when we brought him out in the pram.  

So recently, when the hubby's friend was looking for these sets for her newborn, I leapt at the chance at getting her a set, since we found them so useful.  She was looking for a set with pink flowery covers (which my friend didn't have), so I bought the inner cases already filled with bean husks from her, and sewed my own covers using some fabric I had from a Japanese friend:

I used the steps used to sew my cushion covers, so they were rather straightforward to make, once you got the measurements sorted out... :)
Hopefully they come in handy for little baby M!  What about your own babies?  Did you use beanies for them too?

Bearbear demonstrating how the beanies are to be used. :)

Oh, and now that my study table is finally clear after all that packing, and the sewing machine has been set up on the table, I'm hoping to get more sewing done across the next few weeks... :)  (And to all fellow crafters, especially those who like working with buttons, flowers and paper, don't forget to enter in my giveaway ya!)  Have a great week ahead!


  1. Somebody gave K one of these when he was born too! But unfortunately he's never taken a liking to baby pillows and bolsters. He's a master at throwing all those lovingly handmade ones out of his cot! EXCEPT, my own adult sized pillows which he uses to sleeps on, and now calls his =|

  2. That's such a sweet pillow! We used a beanbag pillow for Bubbles when she was younger too. A must-have when we went out. Now, she uses a regular baby bolster though and needs it to sleep!

  3. Love the fabric! Ally had one of those scary looking Zaky hand things which was a life saver cos they helped hold her pacifier in place.

    Am in a sewing mood at the moment, just bought some patterns but my machine needs a servicing badly so shall start my sewing in a week's time.

  4. Yes we had one for Sophie sewn with the words Princess on it. It was useful to keep her from startling herself when there were sudden noises and it helped her sleep better. Still keep it on her matress. And sometimes I still lay it across her chest when she sleeps, just for the fun of it :)

  5. Mine cant sleep without it! And she has TWO sets, two pillows and two bolsters handmade by her grandma =)

  6. Kelly: J does the same too (ie take my pillow and sleep on it!)... its quite funny seeing the little heads on those big big pillows!

    Corsage: At least the bolster will give her some comfort at night! Usually J sleeps with his bear but sometimes he chucks the bear and says he doesn't want it... Hmmm...

    Jillian: Oh, I've seen the hand things before! But I never knew they could help hold the pacifier in place! Am really inspired by all the sewing you are doing... :)

  7. Susan: She doesn't push the bolster away if you put it on her? J started doing that when he was older... but it did help to keep him from startling when he was younger, like you said!

    Madeline: Wow, 2 sets! Lucky girl!



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