Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday made: Saying thank you

The hubby has been asking me to make a lil something for some of the doctors we see (such as Junior J's PD), as a small token of thankfulness for all their care and help for the past few years.  I've been putting it off for the longest of time, having not much inspiration on what to make for them... But this weekend, with us being stuck at home (as both boys were sick), I decided to get cracking on the gifts, and ended up making tags, similar to the one I just made for Layla.

So here's one that I've managed to complete (the other 2 are still in progress):

Handmade roses, misted in blue.  I love how these blooms can dress up jars, or even layouts! :)
You can view the tutorial for making the roses here

Little chipboard birdie on a branch.  The bird was painted blue, and outlined with stickles, while the branch was coloured using distressed stains and inks.

I really love Pink Paislee's ink resist papers!  These have been misted in blue and green, and then distressed using brown inks to let the patterns show up.  

Again, I used a CD Rom for a base for the tag.  :)  Have loads of these lying around the study!

Well, I hope you had a blessed weekend... I've just realized that we have less than 10 weeks to get ready for number 2 (starts running around and panicking), so I'm off to finish the other tags and declutter and pack!


  1. So exciting, number 2 is arriving soon! Wow... getting excited along with you. :) Love the little birdie on the tag!

  2. very nice =) yeah, I find that usually I don't get around to making cards for my immediate family! I keep putting it off because I can't seem to think of anything super nice to make! But looking at your blog gives me lots of inspiration ;)

  3. Great idea! I should do the same for my OBGYN! =)

  4. Nice! I'm gonna try my hands on scrapping too. But just a an, how do you keep all your scrap work? In a special scrapbook album? Or frame it?

  5. inspiring!!! wish i have 48 hours a day for learning on scrapbooking!

  6. Dotz: Haha, thanks... I think I'm more "freaking out" than excited, after realizing how much time I have left! :p

    Evergreen: Yes, I know what you mean, its like it has to be nicer since its family right?

    Madeline: Oh yes, you could! You seem to be on a scrapping roll! ;)

  7. Homeschool @ SG: Thanks... Happy scrapping then! I store the layouts in those albums with clear-holder pockets that are meant to fit them... can't really frame most of them since I try to make one each month for the boy's milestones...

    PC: Haha... I do wish I have more time too! But now its just 15 min here and there...



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