Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend wonderings: Lessons from flying a kite

Children.  They are always changing.  Growing, learning, and becoming.  And I find that idealistic me has a hard time keeping up with the changes, always hoping things will be "just so".  One day, the boy is the sweet little boy, always obedient.  Then the next, its temper tantrum time.  Or he catches some bug and falls sick, and there's the sleepless nights, the crying, the coaxing to eat the meds.  Then when you think life is back to normal again, he starts to act up when you have guests, or starts having poop problems.  Change really seems to be the only constant, especially with kids...

So I realized that like with all things, I must learn to let go.  While I need to hold on fast to the things that matter (like God and family and friends), like how we hold on tight to the kite string even though the kite is tugging at our hands to fly away...  I must also learn to let loose for the rest, and not sweat the small stuff.  Must let out some string, so that the kite can catch the wind, and soar.  And when I do, I'll be able to truly enjoy the journey that is life, imperfect though it is!


Pictures taken during the Kite Festival that was held over the weekend at Marina.  Little boy had a great time flying his kite with his Ah Kong and Ah Ma.  Were you at the festival too?


  1. It sure looks Jr had a lot of fun with Ah Ma! Had wanted to go but a drunk lunch held back our plan. Had added too much Korean wine in my cooking. LOL ...

    Anyways, I can’t agree more with you on “Change being the only constant” with kids. But it’s such monumental moments that really warms my heart (Im not mentioning those sick or tantrum days). Whenever the days get a little tougher & I wanna “quit", browsing through old pics of Allysa reaffirms my commitment as a SAHM to her. At the end of the day, I know there’s nothing I will trade for in this entire world with the moments spent with her.

  2. Your post is a great reminder how I should let go on some things that I am holding too tightly to and let Him take control.

    So much that we fret about, esp for me since I have become a mom. I am still reminding myself to pray more and worry less everyday.

  3. What a beautiful lesson! I am too learning to let go. As Vera grows older and exerts more independence and shows the rebellious side of her, I find myself worrying TOO much over such misdemeanour, and thinking up new ways to cope. But sometimes, it is just a normal phase that they have to go through, and we just need lotsa patience and grace to stay sane. This reminds me to let go, and let God! You're doing a great job as a mummy, so I'm sure He will do the rest!:)

  4. Yvonne: :) Oh yes, I agree, those moments make it all worthwhile, and we need to hang on to those, to tide us through the rough patches! Hang in there!

    Rachel: Same here. Sometimes I feel God made parenting tough to remind us to rely more on Him... So let's keep praying more, like you said!

  5. June: I liked how you put it... "to let go and let God"... Let's hang in there... must be tougher now as you'll have to let Vera adjust to number 2 as well... Will keep you in prayer!



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