Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday scrapping: Just one last one...

Haha, I bet you're rather sick of seeing tags, tags and more tags!  Well, this should be the last one for now, since I have something else up my sleeve, or rather on my craft table (when I do get the time to do it, that is)... So for the last tag made from a CD Rom (the previous ones are here, here and here), I went all sweet and pink, with roses, as well as a butterfly:

The butterfly's outlined using pink stickles!

And here's how the whole thing looks:

Again, more misting and distressing on Pink Paislee's ink resist papers (love how you can customize the colours).

Pinky poo is not really my style, but I think it sorta suits the receipient's bubbly nature! :)  Have a blessed weekend!


  1. love the ink resist paper effects! very nice pink colors keke but yeah more used to seeing blues and greens in your colors!

  2. These are really pretty! Have you ever considered holding classes or something? :P

  3. Bing: Yes I love those ink resist papers, and how they can turn from white, to any other colour that you want! And haha, yes, you can tell the colours I tend to lean towards, that comes from having to scrap boys all the time!

    Mamawearpapashirt: Thanks! Right now, no time for classes so it's gonna remain a hobby for awhile, but maybe next time!

  4. I love pink! I'm so loving the tag!

  5. one day i will experiment with those papers keke! what are they exactly - do the patterns 'resist ink', that's why they're called that?
    tempted to go more scrapbooking classes, but i need to clear the previous layouts before i allow myself more leftovers LOL

  6. hello..
    I love ALL your scrapbooking. Do you mind giving me some tips? I have been tasked to design a very good friend's wedding guest book. How do I go about doing it?

  7. Ruth: Thanks!

    Bing: Yup, they "resist" ink, so they are called ink resist papers! From Pink Paislee's Parisan Anthology line... And now that you mentioned it, I haven't finished those layouts for the class that we attended together! :p

  8. Gloria: Thanks! Sure thing, but I think it probably would be easier to converse via email rather than through the comments section. However, I'm not sure how to contact you, perhaps you could drop me an email to start the ball rolling?

  9. Awesome! Thank you! You can contact me at

  10. That's awesome! Sure! You can contact me at

    Hope to hear from you soon! :)

  11. Gloria: Hi there! I got your comment and email addy. :) Have dropped you an email, so we'll chat again!

  12. Hi,
    I really love your creativity and am thinking to do something similar for my colleague! I would like to ask what type of glue do you use to paste the in resist papers on the cd? Is normal glue good enough? Or do i need to use any specific art glue?

    If possible, could you drop me an email at




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