Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy weekend!

I don't know about you, but I am so glad that the weekend is here!  Perhaps we'll have picnics and yummy spreads:

Junior J inspecting the spread of food that he and his friend, S has "prepared" for their "restaurant",
during a recent playdate.  After all the food is ready,
they then sit all his animal friends on stools and proceed to feed them!

But I know I'll spend most of it being a milkmaid as usual (especially now with the 3 week growth spurt, that's driving me a lil nuts):

Baby J was tinier than Junior J at birth, but he's beefing up pretty fast!

And hopefully, there'll be more brotherly love too!

Whatever the case, what I'm also looking forward to, is the hubby being around for the next two days.  Which means I might just be able to take a nap when baby is sleeping during the day, something I've not been able to do since Junior J has been keeping me busy!  (I did try asking my mum to help play with Junior J today, but I made the mistake of mentioning that I've been averaging 3 hours of interrupted sleep every night.  To which she replied that she too, only slept 3 hours.  But hello, you left our place at 7.30 pm the night before to go out with your sisters... and then you have to pack your clothes to 1 am in the morning?  Hmmm.)  Ok, so yes I gotta go now and finish washing up some dishes, plus get some much needed shut-eye... have a blessed weekend!


  1. I totally get what you are going through. Hugs. I hope you will feel better soon, and usually that happens after the confinement! haha. Take care now, and try to surround yourself with happy thoughts, and get as much rest as you can despite everything. :-)

  2. When junior j gets older you might just be able to grab a nap! The first 3 months are the toughest, but it'll get slightly better. Now baby doll is 6 months old, I manage to coincide sonshine's nap with hers so the 3 of us get to zzz for 2 hours! Hang on there!!

  3. You're almost there! Praying for u to have a restful and peaceful remainder-of-confinement. :)

  4. oh my! those tiny cute legs! how cute!!!!! i long long for the weekends cuz now that T doesn't nap anymore but then i have to clean the house during the weekends. sigh.

    i hope you get the much needed rest babes! nothing like a good nap! xoxo.

  5. Hang in there, Jus! It will be over soon! For the next baby, make sure u get a paid confinement nanny..will be money well spent and she won't drive u nuts! :)

  6. The early months could be challenging but it will get better soon! The kids do grow up real fast and soon, you can pat yourself on the back and said you've done it! Jiayou!



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