Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thinking Thursdays: Tot Trays

We've never been really structured about Junior J's learning, and ever since Baby J came along, there has been even less time to plan learning activities for the boy.  So we've been spending a lot of time reading and learning to read, and as usual, the little boy gets plenty of unstructured playtime...

The latest creation: A "tall tall tower with piggy pig!".

... as well as time to doodle and paint...

Another creation after doodling: This crayon "structure" is the Spanish embassy (according to Junior J!).

However, I find it easier to have one or two simple activities planned each day for the boy so that he can at least sit down and work on something, while I feed Baby J (which also makes it less likely that the boy gets bored and starts to try to whack his baby brother!).  So he's been given simple math manipulatives as well various activities that improve on his fine motor skills (like threading necklaces):

Using chopsticks & tongs.

Each night would see me frantically digging through my bunch of materials, trying to find something suitable to do.  So I was glad to find this site, which shares many activities that you can carry out with your toddler to develop their fine motor skills... :)  Now I just need to wait for my confinement to be over so that I can head down to Daiso to buy those trays! :p


  1. Ya! Montessori is about trays and more trays ain't it (and bookshelves of course!)??!! You'll be spoilt for choices at daiso!

  2. Amazed you even have time to do all that with Junior J while in confinement. Baby J looks pretty beefy for a 3 week old to me!

  3. Homeschool@SG: Haha, oh yes, will always go nuts shopping there! So much stuff that you can get for kid's activities!

    Elaine: He's actually a small baby (2.8 kg), but a good drinker, so he's been gaining quite abit. :)

  4. heheh I like his spanish embassy! =)

  5. We just resumed home learning at 3rd week of confinement. Both of us are soooo happy! :) Couldn't find suitable trays at Daiso in KL though... Hope to see them in the stores soon.



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