Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Made: A baby book for my big boy

I've been intending to complete this little book for Junior J for quite awhile.  Its a book all about him when he was a baby, with pictures and journalling about all the little quirks he had when he was that tiny wee thing...

But of course, the preggie tiredness and everything else made it hard for me to get started.  In fact, I had selected and printed the photos out a few days before I popped, and even brought the pictures along to the hospital, thinking that I could crop them if the labour took some time (I have no idea what was going through my head then, its really true that pregnancy does shrink your brain!).

Since we keep finding ourselves telling Junior J stories which start with "you know, when you were a baby...", I thought I should finish the album so that Junior J could have a little book to flip through and read about his babyhood.

So every night, after both little boys are asleep and the basic chores are done, I sneak into the study and allow myself some time to just sit and scrap before baby wakes up to feed.  The cutting and pasting, the reliving of sweet past memories is therapeutic.

I left the pages rather simple, with not much layering (no time, plus I didn't want stuff falling off thanks to rough toddler handling), and used happy patterned papers mainly from Cosmo Cricket, as well as stuff from October Afternoon.

More to come, since I'm about half-way through.  Will share when the album's finally done!


  1. The book looks wonderful! I am sure he will love it - and maybe be able to relate more when you have to nurse/attend to his didi!

  2. What a great idea. Its looking great. I don't know where you find time to do all the home schooling thing with Junior J, tend to Baby J and do scrapbooking!

  3. Lovely Mama J! I love the colors you've chosen for the cover...and the pics are so funny!

  4. Aiyo too cute! See who says you can't cope with 2 kids on your own! You're doing great mamaj! Hugs :))

  5. It's beautiful!!! Could you tell me where you get the cut out of the 2 bunnies on the cover?

  6. This is absolutely beautiful... and I can almost feel the love that has gone into it! I had planned to select pictures of my boy fr mth 1 to 12 and put into a photo frame I bought a while back but kept putting it off. Seeing this really inspires me to get working on that tiny project. Btw, did you make that book or it can be purchased?

  7. Thanks everyone... :)

    Elaine: I guess I just scrap a little each day, its amazing how much you can actually cut/paste in 15 minutes! ;)

    Homeschool@SG: :) Thanks... I'm inspired by how you are managing so well with your two littles!

  8. Min: The 2 bunnies are actually chipboard stickers. They're part of this whole bunch of stickers from this collection from a scrap company (its the Togetherness collection by Cosmo Cricket), you can get these at most scrapbooking stores here. :)

    Ruth: Actually now that you mention it, I too have one of those frames, but I haven't done it up yet! :p And the book was made, all you need are patterned papers, and binding (you can punch holes and use metal rings/ribbons, in my case I have the zutter to do the spiral binding).

  9. I must say you've really made a very, very nice book there! You make every craft work looks so effortless and easy to do - I wish I have your talents! Your boys will surely appreciate all these you've done for them when they grow up.



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