Friday, February 24, 2012

Foodie Fridays: The week in bentos

Just popping in to share the bentos Junior J has been getting for the past week or so...

This was when he was sick.  Kway teow in ikan bilis soup.
The stuff on skewers are cherry tomatoes, quail eggs and fish balls.
I didn't have time to box it up, but I guess that's not the point!

One of his breakfasts.

Spinach pasta with chicken in tomato sauce.
Capsicum and mushrooms on skewers, greek yoghurt for dipping.

Vehicle pasta!  I love the trains especially.  

Mee sua with pumpkin, fish and wolf berries.  Edamame and cucumber.
He started grabbing food before I could even take a shot, hence his hand in the picture!

This didn't go too well: Spinach pasta with bolognese sauce.
He really isn't fond of beef! 

My current fav box, a recent find from Daiso.  Two layers, which is perfect for
keeping the carbs below, and the other stuff on top (the top compartment has a divider).

Gotta run!  Have a blessed weekend!

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