Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: Arise and shine

I've always thought that things would get easier as baby grows older.  I was wrong.  Baby J, who used to be quite an easy baby, has morphed into this really difficult infant, who refuses to feed until he is asleep.  He thrashes and cries and refuses to nurse when he's awake, so it has been a lot of patting and rocking to get him to sleep (while trying to care for Junior J too, who has a tendency to wake his brother up).  Then he's been waking up frequently at night, so some nights I've had him stick to me for the entire night.   Couple this with having to take care of a 3 year old with a mind of his own, and I've had a couple of melt-downs (some from Junior J, and some from me).  Then there's the packing, which is overwhelming.  I'm still decluttering and throwing out stuff, and trying to sort out clothes for the kids (which is going to be a long long task since they have so much), and all this is done in the middle of the night, since its impossible to get anything done during the day.  There is still so much to do: find an apartment that doesn't cost a bomb to rent (and that is willing to take in 2 kids), find a kindy to register Junior J in for 2013, clear out the house (that's gonna take at least 2 weeks), buy stuff like dried goods for the move, ship stuff over, get baby J's shots, find a cleaning lady to do occasional cleaning when we are away... and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

All this has been slowly eating into me, and I am worn out.  Its like I am doing everything wrong: can't seem to get dinner to the table on time, can't seem to say the right things to the hubby, can't seem to find a rhythm to fit both kids, can't seem to find time to pack, can't seem to feel excited about this once in a lifetime move.  I feel guilty that I don't seem to have time to sit down to craft with Junior J, or plan activities for him, and that I've not been cooking much for the whole family.

So in these periods of feeling really really down, I've started to do my quiet time in the mornings again, if I manage to sneak away from baby J before he wakes up.  Its like my dried-up heart desperately needs some filling up, otherwise I can't seem to face another day of challenges.  And recently, I read this:  

"The inspiration of God is required if drudgery is to shine with the light of God upon it.  In some cases the way a person does a task makes that work sanctified and holy forever.  It may be a very common everyday task, but after we have seen it done, it becomes different.  When the Lord does something through us, He always transforms it." - Oswald Chambers

That thought lifted me up, that I can arise and shine, no matter how low I have sunk, only through God's grace and strength.  That while I stumble and fall, when I lose my temper, while I get criticized or misunderstood, I can still get up, but only through Him.  That perhaps in all the mundanity there is still some meaning.  And there was also the reminder, that all music is made in stress.  The plucked string, the voice lifted, the pressed keys on the instrument... all resound only with pressure.  Perhaps all this is a reminder to keep clinging on, lest I think I am able or capable on my own strength.  That we can all make music, provided we choose to be instruments in God's hands, wherever we are placed.

So I am thankful for the little bright spots that filter in each day, which sometimes seem brighter shining through the dim days that we've been having: 

:: The brothers playing together:

Baby J is a crocodile and I am feeding him meat!

:: Rare naps on his own:

:: The cheeriness of children, who embrace the moment, and know how to play:

:: Peaceful family moments:

:: Witnessing growth and the conquering of milestones:

Just 1 month ago, he had to be pushed on his bike.  Now he's zooming at top speed!

So now its your turn.  What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. Hey! I think it's quite normal that the baby is fussy with his naps at this stage. Both my kids were like that between 3-6 months. But as soon as they find their rythmn in their naps it should settle. So hang in there! I can only imagine how tough it is juggling so many things at a time- I would've lost my head! But yes, no matter how far you feel you've fallen, you're only falling into HIs arms of love. :)

  2. it IS a lot to deal with, all at once. Emailed you about Germany, if you have a spot of time do email back. :)

  3. Praying for you and your family dear. I'm also encouraged to hear what a difference it makes with just a little perspective change. Joy in the everyday mundane and even at times frustrating things.

  4. It is encouraging - reading your thoughts. I especially like the comparison of stress to making music. How true! Hang in there. Surely God will only put you through something that He knows you are able to handle. Will keep you in prayers that you can find strength and rest in Him during this madness.

  5. Aww...thanks for sharing =) it sounds so tough but it's good you're relying on God! Will be praying for you and the fam! <3

  6. If it's any consolation, I say the wrong things all the time, and not just to the husband, so you're doing tons better than me in that department! :)

  7. Don't let the stress of shifting and all that is not going well get you down. It's definitely tough going but I pray you'll still find joy in the Lord and in your lovely family. Hang on in there, you're doing a wonderful job already and I'm sure the family will be understanding. *hugs*

  8. Thank you for sharing the tough times with the good. Your being real helps God's love and strength shine through your life. And just wanted to tell you to hang in there. You are such a wonderful mom.

  9. Hi, I'm a silent reader. My 3.5 month old daughter has the same problem - only feeds when sleepy. We've seen the paed and she has diagnosed her with silent reflux. Not sure if Baby J is going through the same, you may want to seek an opinion. Needless to say, it has been most stressful dealing with a reflux baby and I have been asking God for all the strength possible to get through this period. Your post was most uplifting - thank you. I needed the reminder that in Him, we find strength and that by His grace, we become stronger.

  10. I remember those times when I had T strapped onto a baby bjorn feeling such a failure cuz all my friends' babies were already sleeping through the night.hugs n love my friend. Do the best u can.somehow u will pull through.xoxo



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