Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thankful Tuesday: Looking for loveliness

Oh dear!  A week has sped by again and I'm late for today's post, my apologies!  So its been the usual busy week over here, but one highlight for me the past week was having a short crop (scrap party) last weekend.  It was nice meeting up with other scrappy friends, and I realize that each one of us, scrappy or not, are always looking out for loveliness, be it in that rainbow after the rain, or sunsets, or even in the little kind deeds of others. I guess all that little bits of loveliness around us do help to point us heaven-ward... where there will be loads more loveliness!

So here's my little list of loveliness that I'm thankful for:

:: God whispering His promises through His word.

:: The kindness of friends, like the ones we have in Germany who are helping us to find an apartment.

:: Baby soft-skin.  That's has seen a whole load of improvement eczema-wise.

:: Sound sleep, when it does come.  (This little guy has taken to rolling over and sleeping on his tummy sometimes, which seems to help his reflux a whole lot.)

:: Playtime, and the creative mumblings and role-play that go along with it:

:: Cold, fresh fruits on hot sunny days.

:: Sunshine for romps at the playground:

:: Little pleasant surprises from crafty friends:

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. I'm really thankfully my colleague offered to do my CCA duty today! How rare is that? Only happened once to me and I think it was God sent cos I've been enduring 4 hour teaching days this whole week and I think God knows I needed the break!

  2. Jo: Your colleague was really nice to do that! You must hang in there. Enjoy the March hols!



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