Friday, March 2, 2012

Foodie Fridays: Nothing much...

... just more bentos from me.  We're still struggling to find an apartment, and I'm frantically trying to pack up the study and clear the half-packed luggages so that the SIL and her family can stay for the coming weekend... while managing the usual housework (which is made more complicated by baby J who recently has been having explosive poops.  So explosive that everything kabams! out of his diaper and I've had to wash the bedsheets, changing mat and baby carrier a couple of times.)  However, am glad to say I managed to do some cooking for the whole family this week, and we've been getting some help from friends in Germany with regards to house-hunting.   So anyway, here's what Junior J has been having:


Pasta with mushroom cream sauce, seaweed omelette.  And those dark things are purple carrots!

There she blows!  Another breakfast.

We had stir-fried chicken with mushroom that night, plus oven-baked asparagus. 

Stir-fried leek with baby corn and shitake mushrooms, scrambled eggs with capsicums.
This was with alpha pasta (not shown!)

As you can see, I really love the Daiso bento box, as its a perfect fit for the boy's food. :)  Ok, I gotta go pack a lil before the kids wake up!  Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Wow! I love these great looking bentos. The presentation sure whips up the appetite of any toddlers. Did you get the bento box, cutlery and cookie cutter from Diaso? I have been visiting that lately and I love shopping for little knick knacks for Allysa and the household too.

  2. Hey Justina! I nominated you for an award! Thanks for being an inspiration! :)

  3. The raspberries are so pretty! great job on the bentos amidst all the stress. I'd just feed hard boiled eggs for every meal. hee.

  4. Yvonne: Thanks! Yes, the box, food picks and cutters are from Daiso. However the spoon that he uses isn't from there, we got it from Tott. :) We love shopping at Daiso too, I get a lot of my craft stuff for the boy and myself there! ;)

    Lynklee: Thanks! :) LOL, we sometimes do that... feed eggs I mean. But soft-boiled ones!

  5. Sharon: Oh, thanks for the award! Very touched. :)



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