Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: A quick post

Hello!  Junior J and I got our flu jabs yesterday.  He was a brave boy and didn't cry at all, and we were really proud of him!  However, the effects of the jab kicked in pretty fast and I spent the later part of the day feeling like I've been run over by a truck.  So I'm going to keep this really short since I still got to pack for our trip up to Malaysia!

Our thankful list this week:

:: God's steadfast love.  And mercies that are new every morning.

:: Home.  Be it new or old.  Our new-found friends in Germany managed to help us find an apartment!  And I'm already starting to miss our old place already.

:: Laundry days, that generate clean clothes.

:: Sunshine and shade.  And heart-shaped leaves, that remind me of how wonderful God's creation can be.

:: A baby's fascination with mirrors.  (He never fails to smile at his reflection!)

:: Playtime... from stripping my fake sakura branch totally of blooms:

"Good morning Mama!  Would you like a sakura?"

... to surfing around the house!

:: Too big sunnies that always make me laugh!

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. Í'm so happy for you and your family! Living in a different country will be a great experience!
    I'm thankful for my lovely, smart, sweet and kind daughter. I'm so proud of her...

  2. That laundry pic is cool! I've gotta learn how to spot pretty patterns in daily life to photograph.

  3. You must be busy packing for the whole family. Hope you guys will settle down quickly especially for the kids.
    It's great that you already have friends over in Germany who're looking out for you. A great blessing indeed.

  4. Euphoria: Thanks my friend! :) And that is certainly something to be thankful for!

    Evelyn: Hey thanks! Just snap snap, Instagram's a gem at getting ordinary shots to look good!

  5. Susan: Yes it is! We've been so relieved that they helped us to find a place! Its been so tough apartment hunting!

  6. Great to hear that you've found a place! that's the greatest headache in relocating...

  7. L: Thanks! Yes it was really a big headache, we spent many nights staying up surfing the classifieds! So glad the search is over!



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