Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday scrapping: For the nephew

So during my bouts of night scrapping, I decided to put together a 6x6 mini album for my sister-in-law's little boy.  Since he looked like he's going to grow up to be one active, adventurous fellow, I used a whole bunch of boy-themed papers from Echo Park, and smushed them together.

Here's the back:

And one of my favourite patterned papers inside:

And the cover, which was done using stickers (from the same Echo Park collection), foam dots and pop pop popping:

Can you spot the washi tapes?
There's this washi tape craze going about in certain scrapbook circles and I can understand why.  Its remarkably versatile!

The hubby saw the album and asked "how come you don't do these boyish ones for our boys?".  Guess I am partial to flowers and butterflies, and can't help adding them to stuff I do for my own kids... after all, I can't keep saving those in the hope that we will get a girl next time right?  Heehee.  But I must say, boyish stuff can be quite fun to make too!


  1. hehe! looks great!!

    so are you gonna try for a girl next? ;)

  2. haha..John is so funny!! But next one..let it be a girl please! Aunty Joanna rocks at girly stuff! hahah..She will make u a smashing banner..whoo!!:)

  3. what a coincidence! i made a scrapbook for my nephew, matthias, when he arrived 4 years ago. :)

    the scrapbook looks awesome, babe.

  4. Dr N Eple-Adei: Thanks! Hahaha... let's just say we're concentrating on taking care of the two boys first!

    Joanna: Oh yes, I know how much you rock at girly stuff! Always such pretty creations! ;)

  5. Missustay: Hello! Thanks for dropping by! And it certainly is a co-incidence! Nice to know another blogging mummy who scraps! ;)

  6. Who can resist putting butterflies all over? Haha I keep buying scrap stuff in all sorts of birds n butterflies!



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