Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend wanderings: Penang in pictures

Hello!  We're packing up and heading for home today, after staying almost a week in Penang.  It was one of those "take it easy" kind of trip, since it was more to visit family... as well as to celebrate the FIL's birthday (they had this big birthday dinner for him and invited a whole load of friends and family down).  We spent the first part staying with the in-laws, and shifted to the hotel for the rest of the trip since the big birthday bash was held there.  Didn't do much sightseeing (both kids' schedules were kinda messed up, so baby was rather cranky some days), but along the way, we did:

:: Eat a lot.  At least the hubby and I did!  Aside from the local food, we also had dinner at the Ship to celebrate the FIL's birthday (this was on the actual day, before the big hotel dinner):

:: Walk around a little.  I love the architecture in Penang.

:: Go to the butterfly farm and go crazy snapping photos:

:: Bring home a butterfly:

The little boy was really eager to hold a butterfly in his hand and spent the entire visit sticking his hand out,
in the hope that a butterfly could land on it.  According to the hubby, he got to release two
(I was stuck trying to put a cranky baby to sleep!), and we let him choose a butterfly to bring home...
so he was one happy kid.
:: Let the kids "play" together:

This is our 2 month old nephew!  Baby J spent some time rolling around and squealing at him.
And the grandparents had their hands full, with 3 grandsons to carry!

:: Take the ferry and go jellyfish spotting:

:: Read vintage books:

We found these at the in-laws place... books older than us!
Some of them have scrap-worthy pages
(since they look just like the patterned papers from October Afternoon!)

:: Sneakily scrap in the hotel room when the kids were sleeping:

I was frantically cutting paper for the mini albums I was hoping to bring along to Germany!

:: Steal the SIL's M&Ms and ate waaaaaaaaay too many:

I think I've put on a kilo just eating these!

:: Experience a couple of really heavy showers, and spotted a double rainbow arching across Penang bridge:

Didn't have the camera with me, so all I could get was this iPhone picture.
Hope the rainbow chases your Monday blues away!

Quite a nice break, I would say.  Now its back to packing packing packing!  Have a blessed week!


  1. love the shots! love the post too, chase away monday blue. coming from a busy person like me;p.

  2. Hi, my hubby love your shots. He finally admitted defeat on photography. HAHA... We are wondering is it the angle, the lightings or the camera which gave such wonderful shots? To begin with, he would like to know what camera are you using?

    I really enjoy reading your blog. This is the only blog my hubby reads with me even though there is no pretty gals!

  3. PC: Thanks babe! Its the Mar hols right? Enjoy the time with your girls if you are on leave! ;)

    Petitloh: Hello, thanks for dropping by! Err, actually most of the pictures are taken using the iPhone (all the square photos in the posts), plus the Instagram app. Have been rather lazy in using the SLR, but we currently use a 5D Mark II (the butterflies in this post were taken with that camera) and the Lumix LX5. And hahaha... your last sentence made me laugh!

  4. Nice! I've yet to go to Penang! Looks like its time to plan a trip there! :)

  5. Glad you had a good break. :)

    Seeing the photos makes me feel that I am in Penang!

    I am just waiting for a big break in end Nov. I'll be going to Auckland to attend a cousin's wedding. *daydreaming about holidays now* :P

  6. Thanks for ya reply :)Hmm... then i think he has to improve on his skills and have a better understanding of his camera:) Cos he has the same hardware (LX5).

    He mentioned that from your photos he learned about colour coordination and the controlling of white balance.

    Ya.. my hubby is a very typical visual man! Haha :)

  7. The bear! is that a real patch-up? so cool.

    I've never been to penang, hope to one day...



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