Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thinking Thursdays: Our museum (and 8 months)

It was the usual morning.  Me trying to get the boy to eat breakfast (he takes ages!), and then dressed to go out for a walk.  He whines "I don't want to go out!", which is something that happens almost everyday... so we end up staying indoors (I was just too tired to pile layers on the two of them!) and making this (while baby J crawled around and tried to chew cardboard boxes):

For now, its going to be a natural history museum.  It might become a house or cave next time.  Who knows?  Lots of possibilities out there!

And this little boy turns 8 months today:

2/3rds of a year!  Time flies... so fast that I've yet to even start filling the pages in his baby album yet.  Right now, he's a fast crawler, and is learning how to move from sitting to crawling.  He loves to get under the table, and likes to chew on radiator piping.  He's on two meals and loves sweet potatoes.  He adores his brother.  I really love this stage, where they are smiley and curious, yet not too destructive or defiant.  Can't believe that we'll be having a toddler on our hands in a matter of months!    


  1. Uhoh.. Baby J looks annoyed having to settle for chewing cardboards.

    And I don't get the piling layers on the both of them? It's so HOT now in SG, why the need to layer. (I had to check if you are some overseas Mum blogger haha)

  2. NerdyMum: Thank you for dropping by! Sorry, I didn't mention in my description that we have moved to Germany for a year, it was cold so we've had to pile on layers! (And actually, the baby was more annoyed when I took away those cardboard haha)



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