Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: Having two

These days, time has to be divided between the two boys.  There are days where baby J has to be left on his own, when I have to attend to Junior J.  There are times when I get impatient with Junior J, since I no longer can sit down with him while he takes ages to eat.  After all, there's another little one that needs to be fed or changed!  Sometimes, I feel guilty, when I think of how much time I could spend with Junior J on home-learning, if we just only had him.  Or how little individual attention baby J gets from both the hubby and I.

But then, there are days, where I see the boys growing up together.  Like the other day, when baby J was playing with a stainless steel cup.  Junior J and I ran up and down, picking up and tossing Duplo bricks into the cup for baby to shake about.  The big brother rolled the cup and baby J crawled after it.  It was good, noisy fun.

The big brother still does push his brother about somedays.  However, he is also able to make baby J smile.  And elict baby chuckles from him.  And so I am thankful.  For these two little ones given to us to care for.  That we can cuddle not just one baby, but two, and see them grow up, conquering milestone after milestone.

So its like how one mum puts it.  Your time is divided, but your love is multiplied.  And I think it has, manifold.

What are you thankful for?

Mum in the Making


  1. "Your time is divided, but your love is multiplied"- LOVE this! you take care, too;).

  2. I mentioned to a church friend i felt that I needed to divide my time to give each enough attention. She, a mum of three, said she felt that when she was around, every child got 100% of her, e.g. if they were playing together, or if they were all doing their own thing but she was there watching. made me think.

  3. Playing with baby bro is also part of home learning! Home learning doesn't always have to be in classroom setting :D

  4. Learning to help Mummy's with simple chores and take care of baby brother are also some of life's most important lessons. Learning takes place anytime, anywhere. All the best! :)

  5. My no.2 is arriving soon and sometimes I also wonder how to love both equally especially it seems like we love no.1 so much already! And I'm guilty of not talking much to my no.2 now, so really wonder. And I'll be having 2 boys like you too! :) lots to learn from you!

  6. PC: I think it was blogged by one of the mummies in SMB, but I can't recall the post though!

    Lynklee: That is certainly food for thought! And its a great way of looking at things... :)

  7. Weiz & MieVee: That's true! :)

    Life-muse: I'm sure when baby is out you'll be talking lots to him, its different when they are in there and you are busy handling another kid! Have a safe delivery!



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