Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful Tuesdays: Dearest boys...

The other day I was resting on the sofa while talking to both of you. And I marveled at how different the both of you are. Junior J, you with the cuddly nature and the need to snuggle. Lil J, you with your independent streak and cheeky nature. And I thanked God for both of you. For how He gave me both of you, and how He is teaching me that there is no one size fits all method to handling the both of you. And how desperately we need to trust Him in terms of bringing up our children.

Both of you are so different, yet both of you will be big brothers in about a week's time. Junior J, I'm so glad that you're slowly getting the hang of being a big brother: learning to share your toys and looking out for your lil brother. I'm praying that as you grow and mature, you'll learn to love your little brothers more, even though they may take your toys or mess up your stuff.

Lil J, you've been having a hard time these days. You've had to work through your terrible twos, while having to deal with so many changes, from the impending arrival of your baby brother, to sleep-training and weaning. You've been finding it a struggle, going by how bad our nights are these days. I think it may be all the changes which are giving you alot of anxiety, because you've been waking up countless of times every night. It has been hard the past week, starting the weaning process again after you recovered, with you sticking to me at night, and not letting me leave to get the chores done. Some days I really wonder how you will deal with the nights without Mama when I have to go to deliver, and I pray and hope this phase will pass, and that we can gently help you to manage all the big emotions that you've had to deal with.

No matter what, we thank God for how He has blessed us with both of you. Remember, while Papa and Mama will be busy with baby when he comes, we love you both very very much... and God loves you even more.

Your very tired Mama.
Mum in the Making

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