Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Wonderings: What's up ahead

It has been a busy week. We've been struggling through weaning and sleep-training (we were back to square one after his recent illness), recovering from the flu, and just doing general spring-cleaning in preparation for baby's arrival. I can't believe that we're one week away from December, which for us, means the arrival of Baby J. 

We had a scare on Friday, since the contractions got pretty frequent in the evening, possibly due to my walking quite a lot during the day. I know it sounds sort of strange if we say we felt unprepared, since this is baby #3, but I was hoping we could at least have Lil J prepared in terms of sleep-training before his baby brother came. And we had tickets for Swan Lake on Saturday, so we were hoping that Baby J stayed put, so that his parents could at least go for the ballet! I hastily packed my hospital bag on Friday night, but thankfully the lil one decided he'd prefer to spend Saturday cosied up in Mama's tummy, while listening to Tchaikovsky (and he spent the entire Act 3 kicking up a storm). 

I'm glad we're now almost at 38 weeks. The boys have recovered, and are busy with their everyday adventures. There's still lots to do (card-making for charity and playdates amongst other things!). Meanwhile, I've been thinking through this whole blogging thing as well. This blog has grown along with our family, and I've enjoyed writing and posting. However, I am thinking through the direction that this blog is going, so if you could, please help me out here by filling up this poll? If there are other topics you'd like to see on the blog, just leave me a comment... thanks everyone!

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  1. Hey Jus. Wow is it 38 weeks already!! I think your blog is growing beautifully. I enjoy seeing your lovely pictures that capture your everyday moments and won't be asking for anything more to make your life juggling 3 kids any busier!!!

    Looking forward to welcoming Baby J :)



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