Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thankful Tuesdays: To the ham in my sandwich

Dearest Lil J,
You're our family clown, the one who (as described by your big brother) "always makes me laugh". Full of funny antics and always singing, you are a bundle of energy, and you cannot seem to sit still. You and big brother come up with all sorts of scenarios when you are playing: school, a camping adventure, beavers in a dam. I love to peek at the two of you when you are playing pretend, as you bustle around with your toys and cook up all sorts of meals.

You're our little foodie, and would happily slurp up your meal by yourself on a good day. You're really brave, and you won't think twice of feeding the adult goats at the zoo, which sometimes terrify some other kids with their head-butting and loud maa-ing. Needles don't scare you, and while you wince during injections, you don't cry.

However, you've been hit by a bad case of the terrible twos, and it has been challenging for us. I guess it must be hard for you, not being old enough to do the many things that your older brother can do, while your little brother gets more attention, simply because he's a baby and babies just need time for feeding and diapers and what-have-you. You've been getting into so much trouble, from all those episodes of sneaking to the toilet to smear soap and water everywhere, to being contrary about everything and anything. And those tantrums! You've not been sleeping well too, possibly because you were sprouting molars, followed up by a pretty bad cold.

I just wanted to say we love you so very much, even though it seems like we're scolding you everyday about something. I know it probably is hard being the middle child in a family of three boys. But remember, as we always tell you, all three of you are different, and you're special because you're the ham in our sandwich, and the sandwich is never complete without the filling, or the bread. Remember that we thank God for you, our ray of sunshine, even though the days may seem a little grey sometimes. I'm praying hard for wisdom to know how to help you manage those big emotions you have, and meanwhile, just know that we love you, no matter what. 

Your mama and papa.

Mum in the Making

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  1. That's such a great way of putting it! Ham in the sandwich! The tasty part. Hugs to J and you too!

  2. Jia you Mama J!

    I have been battling with Jun's stubbornness and the peak (i hope) of the terrible twos. And yes, the sprouting molar just made the situation worst as the poor baby is sleep deprived.

  3. Yes, with multiple kids, we have to keep reminding them of how different and special they all are, and to see and point out the gifts we see in them. You're doing great! :)



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