Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: To the taxi driver who fetched us from the zoo

Dear Sir,
You were the one who picked us up from the zoo last Friday. It was a hot sweltering afternoon, and I was tired, and so were the boys. Initially, I thought you were one of those unfriendly drivers, since you never smiled, and never said a word except to ask us where we were headed. You didn't attempt to make any small talk too, but I was glad for that since the boys were restless and were wriggling in their seats and I was busy trying to make them sit properly for safety's sake.

The boys started to get a tad too noisy. I had made the mistake of letting them take the tram around the zoo, so we left the zoo much later than usual, and they were extra tired and cranky. Thank you, that while I tried to make them keep their volume down, you didn't give us disapproving looks, or make 'tsktsk" sounds.

When we were half-way home, my oldest started looking a little green. And he proceeded to throw up his lunch. I explained to you what had happened and apologised profusely, to which you just mildly replied that it was ok. You couldn't stop the taxi since we were on the expressway, so while you kept driving, you grabbed paper napkins and passed them to us, as well as a plastic bag. That was all you gave us, helpful things, and no irritated or horrified looks.

I tried my best to clean up with those napkins as well as wet wipes. Lil J unfortunately decided that this was the time to roll all over his brother, and baby J woke up and needed to feed. You continued passing me all the paper napkins you could find, while I continued wiping while trying to stop Lil J. And you didn't say a word.

Then we finally reached home. I apologised to you again, and you shook your head and said it was alright. You helped me get my pram out of the boot, and when you saw me trying to juggle both baby and our bags, you helped me to carry Lil J into the pram, and offered to throw away the bag full of dirty napkins. And you noticed that I had to lift the pram over the kerb, and immediately carried the pram up for me (with Lil J in it). All this after we had just messed up your taxi.

I'm sorry, that in my harried state I forgot to note your name and license plate number. I should have, and would have written a letter of commendation to your company. Thank you, for your kindness and patience. And thank you for reminding me that you really don't need to be some big shot to make a difference in someone's day. Thank you for showing the boys that doing your job well, and going beyond your call of duty to help others, is a meaningful thing.

A grateful mama.
Mum in the Making

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  1. What a lovely taxi uncle. And you are a hero! You went to the zoo with three boys?!

  2. This is really really sweet. Thank you for reminding me that it's not a waste to teach our kids to be kind

  3. Indeed the simplest acts (and sometimes keeping mum) can mean so much. I know how it feels like...JJ also gets queasy during long distance rides. And I'm always thankful for little acts of kindness shown to the kids!

  4. I fretted as I read your post! How stressful it must have been! Thank God for kind taxi drivers.

  5. I've had my share of mean taxi drivers who are so full of judgments that I am so thankful when I meet nice ones. And yes, WOW, you went out with all 3 on your own? hero mama.

  6. really .. i think u superb brave hero mum

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  8. The taxi driver is really v helpful. God bless him. And you are one brave mum to bring all the 3 kids to the zoo.

    I've encountered kind taxi drivers when my kids were younger (a baby and a toddler). A few waived a few dollars or full fare when they discovered that we are deaf.



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