Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Wanderings: The Penang Ferry

We've been away visiting the in-laws over in Penang, and the boys have been having a really blessed time hanging out with their gramps. One of the things they really enjoy is riding the ferry that brings them across from the mainland to Penang Island. 

Perhaps it is every kid's fascination with boat rides. Or that you can spot jellyfish, or even large prawns in the water. Maybe it is how you can stand on the deck, taking deep breaths of the salty sea air, while the wind whips through your hair. The ferries are old, but that ride is always calming, and we always enjoy it. 

This was the baby's first ferry ride, and I was wondering if he would be afraid. Turns out, the lil boy loved it! The older two were busy climbing up and down the steep staircase to the upper deck, and just gazing out to sea. 

Anyway, I realize I hardly have any proper posts about things to do in Penang! Perhaps I'd get down to sharing more one day, since we've been there countless of times with the kids...


  1. Oh so lovely! I love old ferries too. Yup, it's just something calming. Even if they mostly smell of crude oil! :O

  2. Yeah. It'll be a good "insider" look at Penang. :) Pardon my ignorance... but where does the ferry bring you to? Is there just one destination or several?



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