Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: Dear Papa

Dear Papa,

Thank you for always reading to us, and telling us all about animals and dinosaurs. Thank you for working so hard in the hospital and helping your patients. Even though you come home really tired, and even though you have such long hours, you always take time to play with us, and carry us, and wrestle with us. 

You always worry about us when we fall sick, and we know we have a very special place in your heart, and a guaranteed place on your shoulders when we are too tired to walk. Thank you for reminding Mama to let us have lots of time to play and read, and always helping her out at home.

We hope you liked your pancake breakfast today! Even though Mama was the one who made it. (Well, we were still sick, so we'll make pancakes for you another day ok?)

Happy Birthday Papa, we love you!

The 3 Js (and Mama)

Mum in the Making

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