Friday, February 26, 2016

Grow: A letter to the boy who was terrified of water

Dearest Junior J,
You used to fear the water very much. Or rather, you were terrified of water getting into your nose, so you didn't dare venture beyond the shallows, and would refuse to put your head into the water. No amount of coaxing or reasoning helped. You just simply tuned everything out.

When we started you on swimming lessons, you were terrified. You clung on desperately to the side of the pool whenever the coach tried to get you into slightly deeper water. You were the oldest in the group of four, yet while the rest were all swimming months into starting the class, you were still learning to doggie paddle, simply because you couldn't put your head into the water. After awhile of trying to push you to try, I decided that you simply were not ready yet. I am thankful that your coach patiently continued to teach you various ways of swimming, without requiring you to have your head submerged. Over time, you became more confident in the water. You were no longer panicking when you had to go into deeper water. However, you still refused to put your head under.

Then recently, we decided to ask you to try to put your head under again. And this time, you tried! I wasn't at the class since Mama is still on confinement, but Auntie C sent me a video, excitedly telling me you tried twice. Then later on at home, you tried again when you were in the bath, and you managed to put your nose under for 8 seconds!

I can't tell you how proud I am of you, that you tried. I know that fear is irrational, yet can be so crippling, and I am so glad that you manage to overcome it. I am also so thankful for your coach, that he was patient enough to continue teaching you. You'll still need to get the hang of swimming with your head underwater, and that will take some time, but I am so happy that you've taken the first step!

With this, you've taught me again about how learning and growing is a matter of time. Our society is very preoccupied with efficiency and instant results, and sometimes we forget that many things take time. Like how little children need time to grow up. Like how an acorn needs years to grow into a mighty oak. Like how a house is built, brick upon brick. We tend to want things fast, and forget that sometimes it is going slow that produces the mightiest changes, like how waves carve lofty cliffs over the span of thousand of years. Thank you for the reminder that we need to give each of you time to grow, and remember your parents will always be cheering you on, no matter how long a time you need.

Your Mama and Papa.


  1. Bravo to Junior J for his attempt !! Way to go !!
    I couldn't agree more with you on the things which takes time and patience to learn and grow.
    We almost forgot about this when we are living in the fast-paced internet world and could get into things with the swipe of the finger.

    Thanks for reminding ..


    1. Jessl: Yes you are right! Technology makes our world go faster, and we forget that many things in the real world take time. Hang in there!



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