Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend wanderings: What a weekend!

Ok, our weekend started from Thursday, since the hubby was on call on Saturday, and was away (or sleeping most of the actual weekend)... and my my, was it eventful!

I had some of my ex-colleagues (the bio teachers) over to my place for a pot-luck lunch cum crop (for the non-scrapbookers, it's basically a scrapping party where you scrap with your friends, but how this term came about, I have no idea!) on Thursday.  It was quite interesting, since we had 4 gal pals, plus 2 dogs, and 2 toddlers.  I'm quite amazed we managed to even scrap!  Lunch was shepherd's pie, tom yam fried rice and salad... mmm, yum!  

E spent the entire time punching papers for her cards, that she sells over at her blog shop,
do pop by if you have the time!
Two of my friends wanted to learn how to scrap, so me and another friend, E (who went with me for our first scrapbooking class last time) taught them almost everything we knew, from how to use embellies, mists, ink, and punches, to how to choose papers and arrange everything on the page. :)  It was crazy-going since we had to feed both kids and ourselves lunch, and the little girl, A, kept freaking out every time our dog, Nicky, walked past her.  

The two dogs sizing each other up.  They eventually spent
lots of time romping around and wrestling!
The dogs had a good time playing, though, and little A finally settled down and patiently sat in the high chair for 2 hours while her mum, S, did her first ever scrapbook piece.  

Little A, when she wasn't freaked out by Nicky.  Isn't she cute?
I think they had fun, and managed to come up with their own pieces:

S and her piece, entitled "Yum!".  Little A approves of her mum's piece I think!
She also used the packaging for the wild cards for her journalling tag. :)
P and her piece about her goddaughter.
We're waiting for the photos of the finished piece, ya?
I was so busy I didn't manage to scrap, but it was nice teaching them and seeing how happy they were with their finished (or almost) pieces.  Both are already talking about buying paper trimmers and discussing our next crop, so I guess they'll be continuing for this hobby.  What can I say, but welcome to the crazy world of scrapbooking! ;)

Hubby came back from work just when we finished, and we brought Junior J out to Macritchie Reservoir.  

We had a nice long walk...

Junior J happily running around, while I fed him blueberries...
... and I think the boy and dog enjoyed hanging out together...

Well, at least I know the dog was certainly happy, having a doggy date AND a long walk, both on the same day!

Friday was a public holiday over here in Singapore, and it was nice having hubby around for the whole day for a change.  We dropped by to my friend, Jo's place to pass her some buttons, as well as get some stuff (thanks so much girl for all those goodies!) , and then headed down to the pet shop haven over at Serangoon to buy some fishkeeping supplies.  Junior J had a good time examining all the birds and rabbits!  Then we had hubby's team from his Gansu trip over for a potluck lunch, and we celebrated the 2nd birthday of one of the team member's daughter:

Junior J was still clutching on to his precious ball!
They got her this amazingly cute ladybug cake, and used this lotus flower candle.  The petals open up when lit, and then the candle plays the happy birthday tune!  The kids were rather in awe of the candle I think...

... and they also had a good time playing together!

We went down to Vivocity in the evening as I needed to get some stuff, but sort of regretted it, since it was so so crowded!  We had to queue for food, and hastily tried to feed the boy while people hovered over us, waiting for a seat.  However, the boy did get to splash around at the water area, and had fun.  He got so excited, he fell in!

Then Saturday rolled by, and hubby and I went down to Sia Huat (a shop that sells just about every single thing you would need in the kitchen) to look at breadmakers.  Turned out, they sold everything (even giant mixers that stood up to your waist in height!), except breadmakers!  Bought yummy yong tau foo for lunch, and then it was off to work for the hubby.

Sunday was the usual church cum lunch with churchmates after the service.  We went down to Holland V for ramen, and we finally got the breadmaker from Parisilk (We find its one of the cheapest places to buy gadgets, their cameras are the cheapest!)... Phew!  What a weekend!  To top it off, I brought Junior J to Ikea on my own today for lunch and abit of shopping, and we also went for an evening swim with hubby since he had to train for a triathlon coming up in Oct...  

I hope everyone had a great weekend... here's to a great week ahead!


  1. Hee..I envy your friends. They have a creative teacher who teaches them how to scrap:)

  2. hey Justine, love you scrapbooking blogs. Wish I had time to do too! must get you to teach me some day. By the way, can I get the pictures from Friday?


  3. LOL, just saw that you have Weekend Wanderings as well. My kids love blueberries as well but I can't get the stains off their clothes!

  4. love the pic of jude & nicky! tracks how fast jude is growing taller and bigger relative to nicky. now he can really terrorise by riding on nicky's back like a rocking horse. hahaha

  5. hehe so cool to have a crop party! im sure ur friends learnt a lot from u! :)
    n i still cant believe the last time i saw bbJ was a wee bub in a pram keke

  6. Denesa: Hey, seriously, if you want to learn, I could teach you! :) Let me know ya, you could always pop by my place to learn...

    Juliana: Thanks! If you want to learn, just let me know... Yes, I'll get hubby to send you the pics soon...

    Jillian: Yup, its been a regular thing for the blog. :) Ah, we feed the boy blueberries only when we are out, that's when he's too distracted to spit out the skins... otherwise, its blue stains everywhere!

    Rowene: Thanks! Oh man, don't give the boy ideas man, he's already bullying the dog so much!

    Bing: Next crop, you come too ok? Yup, they really grow up so so fast!



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