Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday scrapping: The rest of the baby album

Its been a rainy rainy weekend and a busy one: embassy, doctor's appointment, mexican food, shopping and tea with a friend, wedding, lunch at Ikea and a short visit to another bloggy friend.  Phew.  So I'm just going to bomb this post with photos of the completed baby album (the cover and earlier pages can be viewed here), and make a run for it as Baby J is due for his evening bath...

Managed to get the book done just before Baby J's full month celebration, so we gave it to him then.  He liked flipping through the book and listening to us read about him, so I'm glad!  Have a blessed weekend!


  1. I love your album! And I am sure Junior J will love it too - especially when he grows up. I can just feel the love oozing from the pages, and they are such pretty pages too!

  2. Very cute and such nice layouts! =)

  3. love this, absolutely gorgeous treasure!

  4. Absolutely beautiful and something to be treasured! I wish I have half of your talent!



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