Monday, December 5, 2011

Thoughts on passing thirty

I turn 31 today.  I went back to look at this list written more than a year ago, and realized that I've managed to cross out slightly more than two thirds of the list.  And how about the remaining things?  Well... the habit of having quiet time in the morning is still something I'm trying to do.  The book remains half read.  Taking more photos as a family?  Still something that we have to work on.  And of course, there are some items on the list that I didn't manage to make...

However, as I look back on the year that's past, I've realized that its been one that has been filled.  Full of God's grace and blessings.  Packed with loving, learning and making.  We battled poop problems and saw Junior J grow up and become brave enough to sleep on his own each night.  We welcomed another boy into the family.  We made new friends, and kept in contact with the old ones.  There were falls, and stitches, laughter, smiles.  We worried, we prayed, we learnt to trust God more.

The wedding album didn't surface.  But a baby album and a whole load of scrapping went on.  There was a lot of art messes made, and a lot of paint used.  We read loads of books.  

It has been one challenging year, but looking back, it has been also one wonderful year.  So we're looking ahead...

... and trusting that God will bring us through the coming year, as He always has.   Guess growing one year older just means that you've experienced God's grace for another year!

PS: The two boys gave very different presents to their mama: the little one decided to throw up all over me this morning, while the older boy managed to poop.  Junior J went to the potty with his penguin, made the penguin poop, and then strained hard and declared "I can poopoo and I don't need the medicine to help me, come out naughty poopoo!" (we had to give him something yesterday as he was stuck again), and out came a big pile of poop (ok sorry, too much info).  That to me, was probably one of the best presents ever, even though it was a tad too... um, fragrant!


  1. heheh such a great present! =) hope you had a chance for other fragrant things (like good food and flowers?)
    Blessed birthday to you!

  2. Happy Birthday Jus! Definitely a very fulfilling 31 years with two kiddos of your own now:)

  3. Wishing u and family many more happy returns. Cheers to happiness :)

    My Wedding Album has been work-in-progress since Baby No1 wahaha.
    You might compile yours before me :p

  4. Happy birthday Jus! :)

  5. Blessed Burfday! Its really great that u hav accomplished so much! Love your book scrappings.

  6. happy belated birthday :) hope you can finish more on your list this year.. love the scapbooking too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. Happy birthday babe! What a very full year you have had :)



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